Monday, April 15, 2013

house hunting part 2

offer accepted

Wow.  That was fast.  We did our second look... and picked house #1 from this post yesterday.  Come to find out, it was in a different school district than we originally thought...its not in the crappy district, its zoned into one of the top 10 schools for the county!

After we finished looking, we went back to the realtor's office and decided on an offer.  Grabbed some lunch, and headed back to Louisville.  

An hour out of the city and our realtor called for a counter.  Another hour later, the seller accepted the offer!  So 2 hours out of Greenville, we had begun our path towards home ownership.

We are so excited!  The house is move-in-ready.  Its beautiful.  The neighborhood is adorable.  The seller told our realtor that the next door neighbors are a young couple with their first baby, and on the other side a 30 something woman with a dog.  Everyone looks out for everyone else.  And unlike the other house, this one has some room for us to grow.  We could buy a recliner if we want, have space for a cat tower, be able to put the litter box in the utility room instead of a spare bedroom.  We don't have to feel like our feet are in the shower when we are on the toilet... 

We can grow our lives a little without too much space to take care of.  I'm so extremely excited.  

Without further ado:  Pictures!

I can't believe I forgot to take my own picture of the outside....  Photo from realty site.
I also forgot to take a good picture of the awesome deck??
kitchen with new appliances
we have to buy the fridge, pantry on left skinny side and on the right
master bedroom (all the bedrooms (3 total) look basically like this...different window placement
through the door up in the bedroom photo is the master bath
spare bathroom, there is a tub shower with white tile walls, floor is same as master bath
utility room, window looking out to carport, (there's the laminate floor dad)
inside the awesome huge storage shed in the backyard, complete with electricity
So that, for the most part, is our future house!  (Assuming all goes well with everything that has to be done over the next month...)  Trying to be optimistic!


  1. Hillary, it looks lovely! I'm so happy for you!! Seems like the process thus far went smoothly all things considered. :)

  2. YEAH! So exciting! What a cute home, I'm sure you're just itching with excitement and relief :)

  3. Oh wow, so glad it was an easy process for you. Your home looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it when you all put your special touches on it.

  4. YAYAYA!!! Congrats on the house. I am so glad y'all had such an successful house hunting trip!! The house is adorable. And I LOVE the deck. That will be perfect for spring/summer/fall!! We are headed to Dallas for ours in a few weeks... getting nervous.

  5. You got yourself a good deal with this purchase. Congrats! The house is really pretty, and luckily situated in a beautiful neighborhood. I hope the move went smoothly, even though I could only assume you’re already settled by now. Cheers!

    Willard Evans @ WOW Homes


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