Friday, March 22, 2013

personal challenge : project downsize

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This is Project Downsize.

A while back I talked about wanting to put myself on a schedule of small projects to do on the weekends so that I can slowly be more ready to move rather than last minute hysteria.  So here goes nothing.  

 (Disclaimer: sorry if I offend anyone during this process, I can't take the crap anymore.  It is not coming with us to SC.  Now to get Kyle to agree.  Because let me tell ya... I know I am a pack rat...because I'm lazy.  He is the other kind.  The sentimental pack rat.  The one who can't let go of ANYTHING that might have SOME memory attached or is afraid to get rid of it because it was a gift 10 years ago.)

Decrease the amount of stuff we have sitting around.  When nicknacks start being piled on top of nicknacks, its time to downsize.  Just because someone gave us something shouldn't be reason to keep it when we never look at it or use it (Kyle).  Same goes for things we have bought ourselves.  Just because it was a good deal does not mean we should have bought it (I'm the guilty party here).

Decrease the amount of stuff we are storing (aka hiding).  Because we most likely aren't using it.  If we are, great.  It can stay.  But its time to decrease the stuff in the drawers and closets...because it's keeping us from finding what we need when we need it in these locations.  And less stuff in there, means less stuff to pack that will just end up in an attic or basement when we move, never to be seen again.  Why should we box that stuff up to begin with?

By downsizing, I intend to sort things by keep, trash, donate, or sell.

Deep clean everything.  Because it will make the final cleaning before we hand our keys back to our landlord that much faster and easier.

Sell big things early.  There are a few things we know we want to get rid of.  And it is worth the extra money we might can get out of it now (to go towards making our future house a home) to live with the inconvenience of doing without for a few months here.

The Schedule:

Weekend : March 23-24:  Downsize things being stored in the hutch and kitchen cabinet.  These things are the main large items to be sold.  Downsize stuff in the spare closet and hall closet.

During the week:  Take sorted items for donation to Goodwill.  Box up everything in the hutch.  It never gets used but is stuff to keep (nice dishes).

Weekend : March 30-31:  We will be going home for Easter so this weekend I need to post the large items on Craigslist.

During the week:  Downsize stuff in the kitchen and bookcases.  There is a yard sale this weekend!

Weekend : April 6:  Yard sale at Julia's.  Anything not sold to be taken to a consignment shop or Goodwill.

During the week:  Clean out the fireplace.  It may still be cold but it would just be silly to have any more fires in it.

Weekend : April 13-14:  Go to Greenville to do some house hunting!

During the week:  Dust everything in the apartment.

Weekend : April 20-21:  Clean the grout in the shower and floor tile of the spare bathroom and floor of our bathroom.

Weekend : April 27-28:  Clean the baseboards and spindles of kitchen window thing.  They are white and get grimy.

Weekend : May 4-5:  Clean off the balcony.

Weekend : May 11-12:  Take a break.  Its graduation weekend!  But maybe box up extra towels.

Weekend : May 18-19:  Box up winter clothes

Weekend : May 25-26:  Box up books and decorations.

I know this is not a complete list.  I know I'm forgetting some major things.  But this is the big stuff.  And I really don't want to write about everything I do.  This is already quite a lot.  

Now then... anyone want to volunteer to help?

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  1. Such a great idea! Just nominated you for a Liebster Award- here's more about it!

  2. nice project list!! i like how you broke it all down by week. i need to do something similar for the next 2 weeks:) ps... i totally nominated you for an award too... you're so popular;)

  3. Love it!! I have started slowing throwing away stuff as well. So far... 3 trash bags in the trash, a handful of stuff to Plato's Closet (only $9.75), 4 bags to Salvation Army, and a box full for my in-laws yard sale. It feels SO good to get everything organized. It really is amazing how much stuff you accumulate...made me feel so silly for wanting more stuff all the time.


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