Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pintastic : making a house a home

We were pretty productive this past weekend with the start of Project Downsize.  But this post isn't about that... I'll give more on that later (you know... when I finish this week's stuff...).

House hunting has been difficult, but our list is slowly slowly slowly growing.  Maybe by the time we go down to look at them we will have a good list of options.  So now I just want to focus on the fun part.  The dreaming of what my house might have a chance at looking like one day.  Which means it probably won't look like much of it at all... but a girl can dream.

Here's what I'm currently loving on my Pinboard.

A coffee bar station.  Keeps it all off of my counter, and is just too cute.  Love the idea of this when we have people over.
originally from { the vintage wren }
Flowers.  I would love to have flowers growing that I could easily cut and incorporate into my home without ruinning my landscaping by doing so.  These English Tea Roses bloom year round.  Would also love a Hydrangea :).
{ Could I Have That? }
A not so depressing laundry room.  Why should the room I do a lot of work in be like a prison cell?  
completely done for $157
A gray kitchen.  I LOVE this kitchen.  The clean lines and simplicity but still soft and inviting.  Switch out the marble for a similar quartz countertop and we have a deal.  I'm thinking Bianco River by Silestone.  
pin sends to { the fat hydrangea } but I can't find the original picture anywhere.
Bold accent wall meets built-ins.  I love how John and Sherry incorporated a bold color from a different part of their house into the backsplash to showcase some of their favorite nick-nacks.  Would love to do this if we have some built-ins in our home.
{ young house love }
So thats that.  I haven't found any good pins for other living spaces yet... I'm thinking neutral (gray tones) paint, and bring in color with rugs, pillows, curtains...  We will see!


  1. Picking out a group "D" countertop?
    Thats my girl!! Awesome!!
    You are wise to want quartz!

    1. Though now I don't think my pocketbook would find me wise to want quartz... even at an installer's price!


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