Friday, March 1, 2013

you know you are a fan when...

 You know you are a Game of Thrones fan (book series by George RR Martin, also a TV series on HBO) when a person at work asks about the impending Match, and you list your locations and THEN she asks about the specialty your husband has chosen... (surgery)

And proceeds to warn you about how TERRIBLE its going to be.  I mean goes on, and on, and on about it... Like, thank you, I hadn't already thought about it, but I will nod and smile along.

And makes suggestions:  with those long hours and years of training, if you guys have kids, well then you (me) are just going to need to stay at home with them... already thought of that, thanks.

And: Oh!  Its going to be like 10 years before you all make any doctor worthy money... yup... knew that already.

And all thats going through my head are these scenes...

 starting at 2:10...or really just the whole thing.

starting at 0:55.
"Everyone knew what this place was, and no one told me.  No one but you.  My father knew, and he left me to rot at the Wall all the same."

We will not be able to prepare ourselves for how bad surgery residency will be... no matter how many people tell us.  It shakes me every time someone has the reaction that the collaborator did.  

I suppose its because I expect people to be all "oooo! aaah! Surgeon! WOW!"  

Even though it most likely wasn't for my benefit that she said what she did, she probably comes out ahead of everyone else.  Because she was honest/didn't hold back.  Not that other people aren't, they just really don't know what the life is like.

And neither do I.

I can tell myself its going to be hard.

But I won't really know the extent of it until I'm in it.  Because med school is just a taste.  It might be bad for a few weeks, but the next rotation may be a piece of cake.  This will be the bad weeks, all year, for 5 years.  And then worse for the rest of his career.

And then I will probably remember this person and her honest response, and be glad that someone was willing to shake me back to reality.

But, then I think I also don't know how good it might can be.

I guess that's just all part of the adventure.   

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