Thursday, March 21, 2013

checking in : what are we doing?

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I know I've been off the grid for a few days... trust me... we've been busy.

As I've mentioned before, with the end of the Match, comes all sorts of changes.

And we don't have a clue what we are doing.

Finding a house is hard.  When there isn't a whole lot on the market.

Finding a loan is hard.  On a normal working month it would be no problem... but we would like to move the month before he starts residency.  When there is no pay-stub to show the bank.  Problem. (so far).

Doing all of it 7 hours away from your future home is just hard.

I really feel like the little man in the picture up there.  In a game that ought to be tons of fun... and it is sometimes.  But there's all sorts of pitfalls to slow you down.  And make things confusing.

This is just harder than I thought it would be.

So what have we done?

We have a realtor.  I like her.  A lot.

We have expanded our search area.  A little.

We have found a few homes we would like to look at.

We have gotten rid of a lot of homes we would not like to look at.

We have contacted a loan advisor-ish person.  He was some help...but not much.

I really need to start sorting through our stuff.

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  1. I remember this time so clearly last year. Such a rush of excitement and then panic..where to start?! Not everything will work out perfectly planned, this is a great lesson in rolling with the punches and making the most of the situation (welcome to residency;) We lived month to month in an apartment and put our things in storage for the summer. In a way, it was good! It helped us hone in on what area we liked, which we would had never known before if we just bought a place immediately (like we wanted to). Always look at the up side! Looking forward to seeing how it all falls into place for you!


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