Thursday, March 19, 2015

room by room : kitchen updated

The kitchen is my domain.  If you want a refresher on what it used to look like you can go here.  I always say I feel like my entire house is so much cleaner if I can keep the kitchen clean.  For almost a year I have known that I wanted to paint this room green, and went out and rounded up every green paint sample in town.  But I just couldn't decide.  To make it a little more difficult, I had already bought the fabric that I would eventually turn into a window topper above the sink, and it was its own type of green.  

I eventually gave up since I had other rooms to work on, but I just was so unhappy with the beige in that room.  So when we decided we would be having a Staycation last month, I revisited the paint samples.  And from left field, Kyle made the decision.  We went way out of my comfort zone and picked a mossy/olivey/much darker green than I ever anticipated.  It is called "Everglade" by Behr in their Marquise collection.

Other than the paint, we replaced the knobs on all of the cabinets, opting for a larger oil rubbed bronze knob than what started out on them.  The coffee bar is a little less cluttered since I removed the espresso machine and we had to replace our regular coffee maker this past weekend.   Oh and the crown molding!  Part of my Christmas present from dad was that lovely addition to the top of all of the cabinets.  Kyle also requested that I move the prep area to the long counter instead of beside the stove, and I have to say it was a great idea!

Looking forward, my dad is planning on removing two of the top drawers to turn them into 1 large utensil drawer.  The large cabinets next to the microwave may get an extra shelf for better use of the space.  Hopefully within the next year I will be able to show off these improvements.  I would also love to replace the faucet with something a little nicer, if not the entire sink.  It is amazing what just a little bit of paint does once again.  What projects have you done lately?

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  1. Looks great! Adds such a nice amount of personality, for so little $$. I love that about paint. And a large utensil drawer sounds heavenly...


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