Tuesday, March 24, 2015

extra recipe : white cheddar jalapeno spread

Myles' naps are generally when I work on these posts, but I also used to do them at night.  Then I got used to going to bed early with Kyle.  So if this nap-strike carries on, the interruption in my post schedule will continue.  But I really wanted to share this recipe since I had a couple of people asking for it on Instagram last week.  And I sort of have a small backlog of things to put on Foodie Friday.  

Tasty Tuesday?

My aunt introduced this to me while we were in Louisville.  She would buy it at Paul's Fruit Market in their little deli case.  I realized it would be pretty darn easy to make at home, so I did.

This little gem is a great snack.  Or sandwich spread.  Lately it has been on my bagel sandwiches since I found a GREAT bagel place near our house that sells them buy 12 get 6 free on Wednesdays.  

Last year... it was on Wheat Thins as a "I can't stop eating this so now its my lunch" item.  Or on Saltines and put under the broiler until it was all melty amazing goodness.  

I recommend all versions.

white cheddar jalapeno spread

  • 1 block sharp white cheddar cheese.  Shredded.
  • about 2 Tbs chopped pickled jalapenos 
  • about 1/4 C mayo (probably more, but that is a good starting point... you just want enough to get everything to stick together really well... just like pimento cheese)
Just mix it all together!  You can shred the cheese by hand or here's a tip that took me 5 years to figure out... use the shredder attachment on the cheap food processor you got for your wedding and get it done in 10 seconds. 

That is really all there is to it... a similar dip a friend brought to our girl's night from Whole Foods inspired my recent addition of some chopped green onion.  I really like that addition when I use it as a spread for my sandwiches.  This is one of those things that really transforms if you make it the day before you want it... but that has never stopped me from digging straight in.

So go whip up a batch and let me know what you think!  It is really killer as a quick snack option... or  for a get together with friends... like for the basketball tournament happening right now!  Go Kentucky!

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