Wednesday, March 25, 2015

what we're wearing wednesday : nerd edition

Sometimes feeling "pretty" isn't about getting all dressed up for special things.  Sometimes it is just being so in love with the t-shirt you just bought that you want to share it with the world.  And sometimes... it makes you run to Old Navy so you can get your kid a t-shirt so you can "match".  

On Sunday, Kyle came home from his on-call shift and got some sleep.  I made him and Myles wake up that afternoon... because on Friday I found out that Greenville was hosting its very own Comicon!!!  We had never been to anything like it, and I'm 100% certain I was the most excited of our group of 3.  Not that I am a comic-book collector or anything, but we do devote every possible date night we can to the latest comic book-inspired movies, and a vast majority of our DVR is set to comic book-inspired shows or SciFi hits.  Until Myles came along, we watched a decent amount of Japanese anime as well.  Its a little hard to read subtitles with a toddler all over you though.  

I knew I wanted to find a shirt to take away from the event for me... At first it started to seem like it might be a bit of a challenge... I only saw a few booths with shirts and wasn't in love with them.  And then right before we left, I saw it.  We were both pretty excited about the style of the graphics when we first walked up, and then the guy at the booth spoke up... "these are all of my designs..."  How cool is that?  Dude does great work... check out more from Ian Leino here.  I could not be happier with the shirt that I chose based on Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy.  He did this type of design with several other heroes. This thing is ridiculously soft and comfortable.  If only they came in toddler sizes... I totally would have splurged on one for Myles.

Despite the major amount of baby carriers and strollers at SC Comicon, there was a major lack of apparel for kids.  Someone could make bank in that niche at the next one.  So since I realized Myles didn't have any superhero t-shirts in his current size... we ran to the best place I knew to get them... Old Navy.  

captain america shirt found here

Now every member of our family has at least one hero shirt to sport ;).  We definitely plan to make it to next year's Comicon if Kyle's schedule matches up.  It was definitely an experience!  Hopefully Myles will be able to enjoy it a little more and not be so cared of the cosplay characters.  In his defense, Groot was a giant.


  1. I love this! How great to get out for a family outing (I keep seeing things that would be right up our alley... but do we ever actually make it happen?), and so fun that you're in outfits to match. You know I love a mini me, and this is adorable :)


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