Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WWWW & The Circle

It was bound to happen eventually... A set day that I actually really want to post on runs into a new-to-me link up that I really want to participate in this time.  Since I don't really have much to say about my outfits though, you can see the outfit that made me feel really pretty recently (and Kyle helped pick it out!), while you learn more about me.


So welcome to What We're Wearing Wednesday meets #TheCircle by Kiki at In Its Time.  This month's prompt is Blog Name Stories

Homegrown In Ky


Homegrown Inky 
(major winky face here)

I just found this at Old Navy last month... it was "Just In"... unfortunately it isn't even on their website now!  Anyway, I paired it with some grey tights since it is short, and some consignment-found red Gianni Bini heels for a pop of color.  Oh and my new TheJonesMarket necklace of course!  This dress didn't have much shape to it so Kyle grabbed the belt to fix that.  I think I can only pull off these flowy pieces if there is a print like this so that it doesn't look so awkward to cinch it in with a belt at the waist.
Kyle and I were raised in the same region of Kentucky; we met at college in Kentucky; we were married in Kentucky; I had my first real job, and he attended Medical School in Kentucky.  When I started this blog, we had a pretty good idea that we would be moving away from Kentucky for the first time.  Partly by choice, partly by necessity, partly because we felt it is what God had in mind for us, partly because we wanted to get used to being away-but-not-too-far-away before the Air Force sends us who knows where after residency.  I knew I wanted this space to document our transitions, our uprooting and becoming parents and figuring out our new roles in a new place.  But for the name; I wanted to constantly be reminded where I came from.  The place that brought me into adulthood.  The place that grew me.  

No matter where we are, be it our current location; 7+ hours away from our friends and family; or any number of places nationally or internationally that are in our future with Kyle's career; nothing will ever change the fact that we were Homegrown In Ky.


  1. That is actually really sweet! I love it!

    Also, super cute outfit.

  2. Love your blog name! We are in TN so that's pretty close! :) And that is the cutest dress ever!!! :)

  3. I hope he took you on a date night in this outfit because you look ready to go! Such a pretty top (or dress? you must have crazy long legs if so, ha), and I love your necklace (finally ordered one of my own and eagerly awaiting its arrival!). Fun to read your blog name story too (I love this linkup of Kiki's). I think it's the perfect title for you. And I like how it can move around the country with you - I tried to do the same. Mine currently reflects our life in residency but also my work-from-home life, but in the future it still works because I've always been a homebody :)

  4. Ooh, I love that your blog name is a reminder of where you came from. I think it's so cool to really be in touch with your roots and to remember where you've come from and how much you've grown, too. I definitely do not take enough time to do that personally (aka thanks for the reminder to do that every now and then!). :)

    Thanks for linking up!

    p.s. I LOVE your outfit! Old Navy for the win! :)


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