Tuesday, March 3, 2015

winter staycation 2015 recap

paint the kitchen.  explore the area.  go to IKEA.  switch television providers.  organize/rearrange kitchen cabinets.  go to the zoo as a family.  get time alone.  bake some cookies.  eat Henry's BBQ.  eat somewhere new.  get Kyle's car serviced.  get my car serviced.  go to the dentist.  get haircuts.  hang the newly framed painting.  repaint the chalkboard coffee table.  soak up family time.  

We managed to do most of what I had planned!  We ended up with 2 snow days in different parts of the week that I had never planned for, so things had to be shuffled around a bit.  Day one of our Staycation was spent with me climbing around the kitchen FINALLY getting paint on the walls.  It really makes such a huge difference and feels like such a big update.  For about $25 you really can't beat the power of paint.

Myles was able to experience real snow and he thought it was pretty cool.  He followed his dad around and picked up sticks for him.  It was all pretty awesome to him until we took his wet mittens off.  He didn't really like touching it for real.  We managed an afternoon at the zoo on day 3.  It was sunny up at our house and felt awesome so we packed light, and then when we got downtown, the clouds rolled in and it was rather frigid.  So we went fast; Myles didn't mind at all, he really thought the animals were awesome and had tons of fun getting to walk around the zoo on his own.  

Day 5 we tried a new-to-us restaurant, one that has been recommended several times and we pass it every Sunday on our way to church : Southern Culture.  Well-done southern food.  We had a difficult time ordering, everything sounded amazing.  We both want to go back to try out other things.  Kyle got the sweet-tea Salmon, and I ordered the shrimp and grits for Myles and I.  It was much spicier than I planned, but Myles LOVED it.  I can't wait to give this place another try!  

On Day 6 (the day we were supposed to get up to 10" of snow but only ended up with 2") we "explored the area" by making the 1.5 hr drive over to Charlotte, NC to hit up IKEA.  Myles had a blast!  I shopped while Kyle watched Myles explore and get into everything.  I liked that the store was split up well into breakable areas followed by more kid safe areas... Dining stuff followed up with rugs followed by lighting followed by bedding... so he had areas he could have a reprieve from the stroller and "explore" without us having to worry he would break something.

Day 7 was extra short haircuts for me and my mini-man with our favorite Miss Charla.  Day 8 was car repair for Kyle and a first birthday party for a residency friend, and Day 9 was chill at home worrying Myles might have another virus, with some last moment alone time for me.  Yay Target/Starbucks!

Sometimes a Staycation is what you really need, and man did we need it.  It really would have been a bad idea to try to go back to Kentucky with the weather being so unpredictable, and the ability to be productive and relax was something I really needed in my life at this moment.  Some things are just easier when you have your partner there to lend a hand.  

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