Friday, March 27, 2015

foodie friday : stir-fry

I used to experiment with stir-fry a few years ago, but more recently it just hasn't been something I think about.  Then a recipe popped up on my phone news feed for Thai ginger chicken stir-fry from the kitchn (recipe).  I only really needed the sauces, so Myles and I hit up the Asian grocery about half a mile from the house. 

The recipe is pretty well written in the directions... but I still made a couple of dumb choices that made this good when I think it could have been great.  So I will share those, and the thing I think would be a good addition for later.  Because I will be making this again!

First, I really don't know the best way to slice chicken breast for stir fry but it always turns out kinda chewy... when at the chinese takeout we order from, it is always nice and tender.  After some research, apparently, part of the problem is that I always slice with-the-grain, the best way is against the grain for smaller muscle fibers.  The other main issue was that I used the leftover frozen pepper strips I had on hand instead of a fresh red pepper.  The flavor was there in the finished meal, but I really was missing that nice crisp bite of a lightly cooked pepper.  A smaller issue was that I used the brown rice I already had, but really would have enjoyed this better with a long grain jasmine rice instead.

Next time though, I think I will toss my chicken with cornstarch before I cook it so that in the end we will have a thicker sauce than we did.  That was Kyle's only complaint...that there wasn't enough sauce to cover the rice.  I think it was just that it was so runny it didn't stick to it enough to really be enjoyed.  Over all though, this was a really tasty dish!

Anyone have any tips or tricks for stir-fry they want to share?  I may need to go out and buy a new wok since I got rid of the one I never liked when we moved...

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