Monday, March 3, 2014

room by room : laundry

It has been a really long time since I did a Room by Room post!  And this update is long overdue... we completed it before Myles was born!

When we moved in, we were glad to finally have an actual laundry room!  Our last two apartments only had laundry "closets".  Not only did this house have a laundry ROOM, but it is big.  Like almost the size of Myles' room, big.  Well, maybe not quite that big, but its about 8x11 I think!

Unfortunately I didn't take a whole lot of pictures of it...

Like... this is it.  The only picture from our first walkthrough.  The same beige paint in the entire house, a window to the carport, some crappy cabinets and an awkwardly placed water hookup.  The other side of the room was the same beige, blank walls.

Fast forward several months, and my dad's handiwork...

The outlet for the dryer was inside the cabinet... and dad decided to lower that water hookup.

And he installed some new cabinets that he had built.  And rebuilt the wall that they were attached to.  He also built a folding table for the blank wall that I still haven't shown.

A couple of months later, Kyle's parents painted the room for us during one of their visits... using a paint color my brother picked out for me.

The finished result being this:

I love how this room turned out.  So much less depressing.  Eventually we will have to get a new washer and drier but for now these which are older than us work just fine.  We have had a couple of floods in this room but that is the fault of the pipes, and not of our ancient machines.  Nothing $200 a call to the plumber couldn't fix.

Thanks to everyone that helped make this room a bit more cheery for me :).

If you are here from Medical Mondays, welcome!  Hope you stop by more often... I know I want to start blogging a bit more frequently now that I am getting used to this whole being a mom thing!

If you want to see some more of the house, here's the links:


I hope to get a few more room updates up this month, we have been busy!


  1. Nice! And I am sooo jealous of a laundry room... right now I'm trying to psych myself up to go down to my freezing cold basement and move the freezing cold wet laundry over to the dryer. Basement laundry in the winter is the worst!

  2. Cute! Its exciting that you have a whole room now!

  3. Cute! I wish my laundry room were bigger but I guess I should just be thankful I have one! That paint color is so pretty, much better than the beige!

  4. Love your paint color!!! What color is that???

  5. That laundry room might make doing that chore a little more enjoyable. It is beautiful, and how satisfying to have done it DIY! Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays.

  6. What a great space! Our laundry room is tiny (the room is the path from the garage into the house and it's only about a door's width wide aside from the space where the machines and hot water heater are). I've been working on a couple of updates to make the space more functional, but there's only so much you can do with a tiny room.

    I love the cabinets and folding table that your dad built! You are one lucky girl! Think he'd adopt me and come help with some projects around my place. ;)


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