Thursday, February 13, 2014

myles oliver : monthbymonth 3

Today, Myles, you are 3 months old.  Somehow it seems like you have always been with us.  I guess it has just stopped being so "strange" to have you in our family now.  This month has been so much fun!  You are so much more vocal and interactive!

I love sitting with you and mimicking your noises.  It is just so funny.  You really strike up big conversations and laugh when I do this with you.  But you don't have to have someone talk back to you... you like to "talk" to your toys and talk to the TV.  Yesterday you were commentating the women's Curling game.  

You haven't started rolling over... that is probably our fault... we aren't the greatest with your tummy time anymore.  You don't let it stop you though.  You have become a champ at planting your feet and scooting the direction you want to face in your crib and on the floor.  One minute you will be under your toys on the play mat, and the next you are rotated 90 degrees and almost on the rug!  You currently love for daddy and I to hold you up so you can "jump".  

This month you have really been working on your hand-eye coordination.  You are grabbing onto everything.  We are glad we went and bought a big pack of colorful linking rings for you to play with.  We hang them on everything and you have a lot of fun!  You are also holding hands with yourself.  Between this and sucking on your hands all the time, you are quite good at self soothing!

We also battled a major rash this month.  We thought it was heat rash since you are such a sweaty thing, but it never went away.  After weeks of just hoping it would stop, and a visit from our pediatric resident friend, Dr. Jenn, I finally took you to the doctor. Contact dermatitis.  Probably from your detergents (we were using Dreft).  So we have washed EVERYTHING in the Nellie's Laundry Soda that we use on your cloth diapers.  And liberally applied a steroid oil.  And stopped using baby shampoo/soaps and switched to Dove white bar soap.  It may have been all of the added fragrances irritating you.  It seems to be under control now!

Sleep has just gotten better and better.  We did have a rough spot for about a week, but finally determined that it was because your nightlight broke and you hated not being able to see your surroundings.  A few weeks ago you started sleeping through the night... Like bed at 10ish pm and waking up around 8-10am.  With the even better self soothing techniques, you have lately been waking up at 8am and just chilling out in your crib while I grab a shower and eat breakfast... super happy to see me at about 9am :).  Such a patient little boy.  

Currently you are somewhere between 12 and 13 lbs and still 24 inches long.  When you do have on a disposable diaper it is still size1.  You still fit pretty well in most of your 3 month clothes but the sleep and play outfits are starting to get a little tight.  Some of your 6 month outfits are starting to fit you.

This was the big deal this week.  Snowpocalypse2014 was a bit of a bust with how much they had forecast... but 4 inches of the white stuff isn't anything to scoff at around here.  This city is shut down.  Daddy tried his hardest to get to work last night but got stuck on our hill.  You didn't seem to mind the cold at all though.  You just grinned the whole time that we were out there (all of about 2 minutes).  I can't wait until you are big enough to play in it with me (if we ever get snow again...).

It has been an awesome 3 months little man.  You are such a great kid!

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  1. Um. He officially sleeps better than Brooks. I am happy for you but also (very) jealous. ;) So cute! Glad the rash got under control...sensitive skin! Poor buddy!


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