Wednesday, January 7, 2015



planning :  to take this painting of my grandmother in my hometown and have it reframed so that it can go up in the dining room.  My Aunt painted it years ago; for a while it hung in my parents' entryway but then I wanted it.  Yay Christmas money!

hoping :  to get a little more serious about this blog.  I would LOVE to try to post 3 times a week... I am still trying to figure out a direction I want to take in those regards.  This blog started out being about our move and medical life, and then went almost exclusively to Myles, so I need to do some more dreaming and thinking about what I want this to be.

baking :  tonight's dinner was inspired by a recent trip to Macaroni Grill last week.  Myles LOVED the spinach and cheese manicotti and so I thought I would attempt to make such a thing Kyle friendly by throwing in some ground chicken to the filling.  So these are my chicken, ricotta and spinach manicotti with a basil and garlic tomato sauce.  Semi-homemade for the win.  (Boxed pasta and jarred sauce).  I tried to get it assembled during Myles' afternoon nap but had to finish with him crying in the floor.  Yay toddlerhood and teething.

wearing :  I really do love the look of long tops and leggings during the fall/winter when I can but unfortunately I just don't really own any long-enough tops (and having a terrible time finding any).  So out comes the summer too short (for me) to wear as a real summer dress so I wear it as a bathing suit cover-up, and since it is some great muted colors... turns into a long top with a cozy sweater and boots for the currently not too freezing SC winter weather.

resolving :  to be more present.  To put the phone down more often.  To take in what is happening instead of trying to find that perfect angle for the perfect photo.  To listen more and talk less.

As usual, I am linking up with Anne and Jenna today!  Thanks for hosting ladies!


  1. How fun to have some special family art! Dinner preparation around here often has a crying toddler on the floor - but I hope he liked it, because it sounds pretty darn good. As does your resolution - I'm working on all of that too... Excited to see where you take the blog this year!

  2. That painting sounds like a real piece of family heritage! I love personal pieces like that in a home! Smart idea for using summer clothes in winter - I agree, so many of those dresses are just not long enough these days! =) Hope your blogging dreams unfold just beautifully.

  3. Love! I'm really hoping to get organized and back to regular blogging (aiming for once a week when I get going). I haven't even consistently read blogs in months. This holiday season totally kicked my butt! I do hope you find your blogging voice and post more. :)

    As for the dress, super cute! I have five short dresses that I exclusively wear as long tops over jeggings. I really adore the look and it's a great way to enjoy dresses that I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing on their own.

  4. Yum, that dinner sounds so delicious!! Also, the painting is really cool. I love the story behind it!


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