Monday, January 12, 2015

I am a planner

Thank you Target Dollar Spot.  I couldn't find a small calendar like this anywhere!

I like lists.  I like planning.  I drive Kyle insane with all of my "plans".  If I have a goal... like most people, that goal will fail/fall through the cracks without planning.  So when I decided that I really want to be more consistent with writing in this space, I really needed to sit down and brainstorm and plan it out.  The best way for me to do that isn't just to jumble it down, but to put it into a calendar so that I can see my To-Dos a month at a time.   

This blog was started so that I could share all of our life changes, and to connect and offer our experiences to others in the medical life.  Then I had a kid, and the blog became all about him.  I have to be honest.  While I love that I have each month of his first year of life documented, I was SO GLAD when I wrote that 1 year post.  It felt like a weight was off my shoulders; I felt like I had earned permission for myself to go back to writing about more than just my kid.  Don't freak out family; Myles will still be on here, just not the main event anymore.

My goal for a while is to get back in the routine of writing on a regular basis.  Mon-Wed-Fri is what I hope to accomplish, and what better way to do that, than to have specific things to write on those days of the week? 

While I still have some brainstorming to do, and this space will continue to evolve as I go, I do have some things thought out that I will be making a regular occurrence around here.  
  • Mondays are a wildcard.  Adventuring, photos, thoughts, projects...they will probably be here.
  • The first Wed of the month will continue to be the spot for "currently" link-ups.  
  • The 2nd and 4th Wed will now be "What We're Wearing Wednesday".  
  • Fridays will now be Foodie Fridays.  
  • Something med-life related every now and then.
I will miss days, I will move some things around on occasion.  Maybe I will get wild and post on a Thursday.  Who knows.  I will extend grace to myself when I fail, my goal is never for this to be a source of stress, but wholeheartedly a place for me to have something for myself.  I think that is important for a stay-at-home mom.  

Let me re-welcome you to homegrown in ky.  I love hearing from people and try to respond in a timely manner so please don't be shy.  

Hello 2015.


  1. Great plans! This year I'm all for setting goals for myself, but being realistic and not getting upset if I don't meet them. I'm excited to see more posts up here!

  2. I love this all! My blog started like that - as a way to update family/friends when we moved away, but eventually I made the transition to writing material that's for a blog-reader audience, and that got me super excited about it as a fun hobby and as a something I do for me - definitely great to keep up with after becoming a mom. I'm a total planner too so I of course love the themed schedule, and I can't wait to see what you do in these categories! I need meal ideas :)


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