Friday, January 30, 2015

foodie friday : cowboy beef

not pictured : 2 lb chuck roast, I also just realized I used regular corn but was supposed to get corn with sweet peppers
Ya'll.  This is amazing.  It popped up on my Better Homes and Gardens Facebook feed a couple of weeks ago for 5-ingredient slow cooker recipes.  It is possibly my new favorite meal both for ease and flavor.  This is serious comfort food.  But not ridiculously heavy either.  GO MAKE IT RIGHT NOW.

The recipe calls for 2 lbs of beef roast.  I knew no matter how delicious it might be, we would never eat that much food ourselves, so I mixed the canned ingredients (you only use a tsp of the chipotle!), divided the mix in 2 and cut the beef in half and packaged up half of everything for the freezer.

The recipe says to just dump everything in a slow cooker and be done, but I have been watching too much of The Chew lately and their motto seems to be "the flavor is in the brown", so I seared my beef on all sides for about 2 min each side on med-high heat.  You probably really don't have to do this.  So really if you are following the recipe religiously, this is probably less than 5 minutes to throw together in the morning.  

I had mine cook about 10 hours on low, it was smaller amount of beef so I probably could have put it in at noon and been fine to eat at 6, but Myles slept in so I did it as soon as I got up that morning.

To serve I just strained the veggies into a bowl and chunky-shredded the beef.  I spooned it up on a pile of mashed potatoes and went to town!  This is so amazing.  I might add a little more of the chipotle peppers next time to add a little more spice.  It was a total winner with the boys as well.  Even halving the recipe, we still had enough left over for Myles and I to have lunch the next day.


  1. Yum! My boys would love this, and I would especially love a dinner this easy... smart to put half in the freezer ahead of time, though I wonder if it's one that would freeze well post-cooking too. Those are handy to package up in small containers to pull out for Peter's lunches or dinners on nights he gets home really late.

    p.s. you should go share this on my friend Shea's new recipe linkup :)

  2. This looks SO good and I love that you had extra to freeze. I've been all about the freezer lately--it's so nice to have a meal ready to go in there! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing this recipe!


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