Monday, January 19, 2015

Myles' favorites

Since Myles is over one year old (14 months!), I thought I would share a few of HIS favorite things right now.  He is getting super active and that personality is a hoot!  I can't rave about #3 enough!  Have you found any awesome apps out there for toddlers?  

1.  for sipping : the Nuby Super Spout cup is his, and my, favorite that we have tried.  It does drip out of the spout if he holds it upside down, but major spills are not an issue.  Another type that he uses doesn't have this issue but has an extra part to regulate the flow which you have to make sure to clean and not lose, and prevents him from getting the last ounce of soy milk from the cup.

2.  for breakfast : Having an egg allergy makes breakfast a bit difficult.  Mostly he has oatmeal in the mornings fixed with water and soy milk, but a special treat on occasion is the Vans gluten free waffles which are egg and dairy free as well.  The blueberry ones are a hit with a little bit of butter on top.  But a little more involved breakfast food we just tried today are these eggless avocado blueberry muffins by Averie Cooks that Anne shared last week on her blog.  Myles was a fan, and I kinda am too. 

3.  for the Kindle : This app was a freebie about a month ago through the Amazon App store on my Kindle Fire.  It is Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer by Sago Sago.  It is now $2.99 on Amazon, but is still free for the iPhone and iPad  through iTunes.  This company has several other animated apps, I just downloaded the currently free Sago Mini Friends, but it looks like it is definitely for a slightly older kiddo (but glad to have it free for the future!).  The Ocean Swimmer lets your kid poke around on your touch screen and make the fishy swim around where you want.  Along the way he will stop at certain spots and an animation will happen.  Myles LOVES this app.  He hasn't been super intrigued yet with other kiddy apps, but he has quickly figured out how this works, and grins at me every time certain animations begin.  I have never paid for any of the apps on my device but am tempted to get a couple more from this company.

4.  for bedtime : this is Doggie.  Myles loves him.  Mostly we only allow him during naps and bedtime but sometimes Myles sneaks into his room and pulls him out of his crib to carry around the house.  We also have a sock monkey inspired one that he is just fine with using if we are washing Doggie at bedtime.

5.  for play : Myles got some pretty awesome Christmas gifts this year, but this seems to be the toy he plays correctly with, the most.  He really loves the animals that came with it, but he does really put them in the barn and pull them back out a lot.  It is by Melissa and Doug, which seems to already have a different version available.  I like that the only "pieces" on this version is the animals though.  Second runner up is the Green Toys shape sorter from his birthday.


  1. Love seeing these posts to compare favorites and get additional ideas for around here... That farm is so great! Hendrik would love it. He does the exact same thing with his similar night-night blanket guy - it's supposed to stay in the crib but he can reach impressively far in to fish it out, so sometimes I just let him crawl around with it for a few, because he's so pleased with himself. And we haven't let him try any apps on the iPad or anything yet, but we're getting to the age where we just might need the occasional way for him to sit still and play quietly for a minute at an appointment or something, so I'm going to bookmark this idea...

    1. Oh, and I'm glad you (and he!) like the muffins. Hendrik had one for breakfast today too :)


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