Wednesday, January 28, 2015

what we're wearing wednesday

Now I love Myles in most of the clothes he has.  He is adorable in his little sweaters and jeans, but my heart just pitter-patters whenever he wears his little flannel button down shirts.  

This kid refused to put the broom down.  I really need to head over to Toys R Us and get him his own mini version.  He is always hunting them down at friends' houses.  

This shirt was a Christmas present from his great-grandmother.  I believe it is from Wal-Mart.  How adorable is this?!  It is really thick and soft too.

This second shirt is a baby-Gap button down that I found for $5 at a local consignment shop.  I just couldn't resist the elbow patches!  This is a definite favorite... I have a hard time not putting it on him every time it is clean.

This kid is really finding his balance and speeding up.  I was super shocked when he was handling our hills in the back yard with ease the first time out.  Even when he was carrying around his ball or frisbees.  I'm happy to say he is finally keeping his shoes on when we get out, and even has started trying to figure out how to put them on, which turns into whining, then handing them to me so he can wear them in the house for a few minutes. 


  1. My gosh, I just can't get over toddlers in plaid button downs too. Adding elbow patches? Kills me.


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