Monday, November 24, 2014

wishlist : Christmas 2014 mommy edition

This has been an interesting year.  I feel like I accomplished a lot of things around the house and in the yard.  In some areas I have been pickier than in others.  Some places just need a few finishing touches and others need the main event.  Since I have been trying to go with "less" purposefully in the wardrobe department, I have been able to put more resources towards things around the home.  There are a few things that I would love for function and fun that I haven't gotten around to and may not... since most of this would really only be used by me!

1 : for the walls You probably remember the print I framed for Kyle's birthday from Leslie Hill's Fifty Two Verses project.  I have thought for a while that I would love to have maybe 3 of them along the long wall of our hallway as daily encouragement.  I just kept waiting for the project to be a little more finished so that I could decide which I really want.  I have so far narrowed it down to prints 34, 1224, 26, 38, and 40.  I think any of them would look great in "mini" with a simple white frame.

2 : for the neck  I have absolutely loved my necklace from The Jones Market.  Support small business when you can.  I would love another necklace (or 2!) from her.  She is selling out quickly and has a big sale coming up, so act fast because she is going to close up shop Nov 30th to spend time with family!  From what I saw available this weekend, I love her metallic adjustable necklaces right now, or really any of the vanilla or blueberry beads!

3 : for the cabinet  I have unfortunately broken 2 of my 4 sort of larger wine glasses in the past year.  No worries, I was sort of wanting some new ones anyway.  I like this longer shape.  I'm not set on any certain kind, though I do know that the Riedel Vivant red wine glasses at Target are about the right size.

4 : for the snuggles Have you seen the commercials?  TOMS is at Target.  What I didn't realize until I checked the website, was that it is much more than the shoes.  I have now seen this blanket in the store and think it would be a wonderful snuggle blanket for the couch.  Kyle can tell you that I NEVER sit on the couch without being covered up.  Its just comfy.

5 : for the outfit check  I always intended to have a long mirror whenever we moved.  I have never been able to see all of an outfit at once before I leave the house.  I do have one free wall to hang one on in the bedroom and I think I really ought to not keep putting it off.

What is on your wishlist this year?  I love to hear what other people are dreaming of this time of year.  Don't worry family, I plan to get a little man version completed before Black Friday ;-)

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  1. This was quite a Christmassy post! Have a great Thanksgiving :)


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