Tuesday, September 30, 2014

room by room : living updated

If you have forgotten what it used to look like or are new to my page you can see it here.  The original post was with absolutely nothing changed to the room.  Just us moving in with our furniture and me taking some pretty terrible photos of the room.  

I have wanted to share the living room for so long.  I almost did this post a couple of weeks ago and then decided to wait until I gave Kyle's birthday present to him so it could be in here.  I have put a lot of time and resources into this room since we spend all of our awake time in it.  It probably has had the most done to it compared to the rest of the house... and I am pretty happy with it, despite a few things I would have done different now that it is mostly finished.

Large throw pillows from TJ Maxx or Marshalls.   I made the small one. 

Shortly after we moved in, Kyle's parents helped me paint the walls in this room.  I love the change that just a coat of paint makes for a room.  Not too much longer (after what seemed like forever) I found the rug on Joss&Main.  I knew I wanted yellow as my accent color but it took forever for someone to finally have a yellow rug at my price point.  

Finally replaced the moldy stacked trunks we were using as a side table.  This one is from Target.  

Elephant print from last year's Indie Craft Parade by Dapper Ink, here in Greenville.

Our damaged coffee table (Value City Furniture) converted to chalkboard top by me.

Special thanks to my girl Aly for helping with the arrangement (on the floor) and to my dad for hanging everything.

Myles' toy basket from TJ Maxx

Kyle's birthday present.  A print by the talented graphic designer Leslie Hill, from our former church small group in Louisville, part of a series called Fifty Two Verses.  I originally intended this for our bedroom but thought it would be better for us to have this truth out in the open where we would see it more often.

Disclaimer to all those who happen to believe that I am a domestic goddess with this immaculate living room:  It was immaculate for the duration of Myles' nap, for the snapping of above photos.  Within minutes, this happened, and it has since gone even further downhill.  Sure. Blame it on the baby.  I'm not... he just caused part of it.  I'm a slob.  I have clutter issues and cleaning happens when I go on anxiety induced cleaning sprees.  You should see the state of the dining room... its holding all of the clutter you can't see in this room.  Shuffle shuffle shuffle.  

So what would I do differently?  The rug would never have been bought if I had known it was the loop kind.  Our black cat Remi picks at it constantly.  It only looks nice right now because I cut off all of the places he had picked out.  I guess that is just the gamble you take when buying something like this online.  The solid yellow pillows also were a "Oh! Thats my color!  We need pretty pillows!" purchase.    They are terribly uncomfortable and Myles is systematically picking off the metal dots.  That is mostly all of my regrets... and costly ones.  

I originally planned to put curtains up but no longer think I will.  I think it would be too much trouble with too much furniture in front of them to really get to enjoy the look.  I have left a space open next to the Elephant for another similarly sized frame to go on that wall.  Unfortunately there was no special print for this year's Indie Craft Parade like I was planning to put there so we will see what ends up on that wall.  I am also hoping to pick out a few more smaller versions of the FiftyTwo verses for our hallway once Leslie has finished her project.  

So there we have it!  I hope to share a few more spaces in the coming weeks.  Man that was fun


  1. So fun to see this! It really looks great - I love the colors and the rug pattern (even if it isn't the ideal type of rug - isn't it a pain to live and learn on those things?), and the chalkboard coffee table top is BRILLIANT. I want to do this to mine right now. And I'm totally with you on spending the energy/resources on making the living room a place you like because it's a place where you'll be a lot!

    1. you should! the paint isn't but $10! I need to redo it to get the scratched up edges and the few spots where I spilled nail polish remover. Right now Myles tries to eat the chalk but I think we are going to be super glad to have it in another year or so!

  2. It looks so good! I love your book case! It's always so hard choosing everything you need to decorate, I think, but you have done a great job! :)

  3. The house looks great. You may have a career as an interior decorator in the works huh :) Now can you come and decorate mine please!?


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