Thursday, October 2, 2014


smelling  cinnamon.  I broke out last year's cinnamon room spray now that it is seasonally appropriate.  I would prefer candles but it is too scary with a grabby kid running around to really use them anymore.  

loving  if you haven't seen yesterday's post, you should.  I had SO much fun doing that one!  And it is really getting me thinking about everything I want to do in other rooms to finish them up!  Narrowing down the paint chips now!

planning  Kyle started his last night float of 2nd year last night.  Thankfully this month we have a little more of real weekends to work with.  He should be home at some point Friday morning and stay home until mid-Sunday morning.  So we can plan dates if we want without feeling too bad about not spending every minute with Myles.  Next week is Fall for Greenville and I cannot wait!  We had such fun last year getting to walk downtown and sample many different (some high end!) restaurants that we normally wouldn't go to.  

baking I tried out some simple cupcakes for Kyle's birthday last month since I am trying to figure out eggless ideas for the big party we probably won't have for Myles (since November is an away rotation and I'm not feeling doing everything and entertaining alone...sorry kid. Mother of the year right here).  Chocolate cake mix + one can Dr. Pepper.  They were a huge hit at our small group but not quite my ideal.  This week I am hoping to try out a simple baked apple.  I have never done them but they sound amazing and easy.

celebrating  in a couple of weeks Myles' bestie Eliza will be turning 1!  So can't wait for the extravaganza!

This week I am linking up with Anne and Jenna for this month's Currently.  :)


  1. Weekend time is a perk of night float at least - and this fall tasting thing sounds fab. Also, I've seen several baked apple ideas recently that look really enticing... I think I pinned one and need to go track that back down and actually try it. Glad you could join in this month!

  2. Ah, that event in Greenville sounds like so much fun! We have something similar here in my town, and it's always such a great time. Can't wait to hear about it!


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