Sunday, October 19, 2014

myles oliver : monthbymonth 11

Late again.  Fighting viruses over here.  Myles had a mystery fever two weeks ago, other than being sleepy, he didn't seem sick.  Well thats because it was a sore throat.  I know that because I JUST got over it.  Luckily he only seemed to have it for 48 hours, unluckily, mine lasted a week.

You seem so much bigger but I'm not sure how exactly.  Maybe you gained a pound or so?  I measured you the other day at 29.5 inches so I guess you have gotten a little taller?  You wear a lot of 12 month clothes but 9 months still fit a little better in the waist of pants.

You randomly started lifting your belly off the ground to do some normal style crawling.  It kinda weirded me out.  You were just so fast with the army crawling I don't understand why you randomly wanted to change.  But whatever, you have picked up speed this way now so its a little less strange.  You should be walking any minute so none of it matters.  

It isn't just "bababoo!" being spouted off every minute of the day anymore.  Still no real words but you are definitely exploring sounds.  Finally making dada noises and occasionally throwing in mmm and nnn.  You "clap" most of the time we say "YAY!"; you don't quit have the motion down though so its more like you are slapping the backs of your hands.

A pretty huge thing to me was that we discovered you are actually paying attention to the animals when we go to the zoo now!  You looked at the monkeys and the vultures and pulled at the fence between you and the black swan when your Aunt Tracy and cousin Natalie were in town.  It might actually be worth it to renew the membership for next year.

your crazy eye face.  you make this every time you make
the noise that apparently is the same as The Grudge. (?)

No extra teeth.  Still just the 4 with no extra bumps in sight.  You love to give kisses to everyone and do this by request sometimes, but there have been a few moments when your kisses have turned into bites on Mommy's face.  Ouch.  You really hate being told to "stop".  It makes you whine or cry every time I say that word, even when it isn't directed at you.

my only photo from Fall for Greenville this year.
you loved the chicken yakisoba.
Food wise, you are getting sick of oatmeal every day but the egg restriction makes it hard to do much else.  You aren't super impressed with toast and gluten-free waffles (eggless) end up on the floor after about 2 bites.  You love most fruit but get tired of strawberries pretty quickly sometimes.  Roasted winter squashes are a particular favorite, and you gobble up BBQ chicken sandwiches and hotdogs.

trying to box up old clothes turns into you digging them all out to "sort"
You love dancing whenever there is music and are the friendliest little thing.  You make everyone smile that meets you.  You try to climb on everything, love opening and emptying drawers, and if a door is cracked then it must be flung open.  You are regularly testing me; going to places you know you aren't supposed to go and reaching for things I have told you not to touch and look at me right before you touch it with a little "huh?"  like... "are you sure you don't want me to do it, because I would really like to".  Mischief always.

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  1. Oh, the testing boundaries. They are busy little guys - fun but frustrating for all at times when we have to pull out the "stop" and "no" over and over... That photo with the overalls is way too cute. And poor guy getting sick. In August we all got some sort of cold from Hendrik and after that we decided we're always giving him tylenol if he seems a little sick - because we were MISERABLE. And the poor things don't have any way to tell us when their throats hurt.

    p.s. his photo is so cute, but it looks like he just barely got captured before escaping :) Doesn't it get harder and harder to do these monthly shoots?! Kind of glad I'm done with those sticky bellies stickers after 12 months, ha.


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