Friday, September 19, 2014

myles oliver : monthbymonth 10

So I'm almost a week into his 10th month of life... it was a busy weekend.  I've had recuperating to do! And some work to get ready for our next round of visitors!  And more work to maybe, possibly, start getting photos for some roombyrooms.  I haven't forgotten... just had some last minute changes that I wasn't planning on in a lot of areas.  All good.  Enough about me.

Myles Oliver.  Last Saturday (the 13th) you turned 10 months old.  The past month has been full.  Basically, the day after you turned 9 months old, you had your first tooth break through.  On top.  A few days later, another.  A couple weeks later, your bottom two started in... you now have 4 teeth that have broken through... but you can really only see the top two and the tip of one.  Teething hasn't been too bad; the top were definitely worse than the bottom have been, and even then, still not bad with Tylenol.   I'm afraid dear son that you are going to have teeth like your mom.  I'm so sorry.

Midway through the month, you had your first haircut.  Mommy was overdue for one and so I figured I would get your's cut while we were there.  Charla from the church nursery was happy to do it for us.  She was so excited, and you were thrilled to get to see her!  You were a bit wiggly but Charla is pretty good at chasing you little guys in her chair.  She mostly just evened things up and got rid of the mohawk bangs.  

We managed to make it to all of your dad's flag football games this month.  You liked crawling around out there even though it was ridiculously hot most of the time.  Sometimes other babies made it out there with us.  Other times there was usually a resident's dog to keep you company.

You are so big.  You are pretty well into 9 month clothes and can fit in some 12 month stuff if I want you to.  You are still such a ham; making us laugh all the time.  You still army crawl everywhere but have shown us that you are capable of normal crawling... its just faster on hardwood floors not to.  Cruising is done without a pause and you are having fewer head-bumps.  You are doing assisted walking; sometimes with only one hand.  If we try to let go you immediately sit down.

note to self : grab the wipes before you hand the 
popsicle over to the baby.
Still eating up a storm.  I'm amazed how much fits in that little belly.  An entire banana plus your normal oatmeal for breakfast??!!  You eat everything but are particularly fond of blueberries and goldfish crackers.  You LOVE yogurt and cheese but ever since you got some half-n-half all over your face, I have decided that you are allergic/sensitive to dairy too... it seems to only be a skin thing since nothing bad happens intestinally after you eat it but I figure I would be a bad parent to keep letting you eat it all the same.  I just have to eat my yogurt while you nap now.  Thanks to Anne, I ended up ordering a set of popsicle molds but have only busted them out the one time since I didn't think through using a vibrantly colored food pouch to make them.  It  did make for a great photo op though. You are pretty good at feeding yourself most things and are busting out the pincer grasp on the daily.  Palming some things into your mouth is still more efficient though. 

You are obviously focusing much more on your motor skills than anything else.  Still only "babababababababa" coming out of that adorable mouth... sometimes "ba ba boo".  You still love people; attention from strangers makes long grocery trips possible and you love putting on your "shy" act for them.  You also fake cough when anyone around you coughs.  Its pretty funny.  Oh, and though he still won't let you touch him, you are developing a relationship with Remi the cat.  He has bouts of "crying" and you noticed it and have started "meowing" every time you see him now.  

As mentioned in my last post, your uncle came to visit and we had a blast.  He is a fantastic uncle to you.  He focused on your ability to give very wet open-mouthed kisses and took that from the very occasional level to the I love giving them to everyone all the time level.  He also taught you how to "dance".  You had occasionally waved your arm to the beat but now you twerk bounce for a hamburger birthday card song of your dad's and to Usher's Cheerios commercial.  We just have to be sure you aren't leaning over the coffee table for this because you have now hit your chin and teeth several times.

give monkey kiss 
Bedtime is still mostly 7pm.  You had about a week of wanting to be awake at 6am but have since gone back to 7am and even slept in a few times until almost 8!  You still have two good naps but they are further apart now, so I have a much nicer slot of time to get out of the house without interfering with them than I used to.

you still prefer random junk to toys any day.

Otherwise, it is your goal to go everywhere you aren't supposed to (bathrooms) and do everything you aren't supposed to do.  Taking everything off the table with a flippant toss over your shoulder is a particular joy, as well as emptying every drawer you can pull open.  You also want to eat everything.  I have fished out a lot of junk from your mouth that I never realized was hiding under our furniture in the past couple of weeks, and have found out that you seem to think the chalk drawer in the coffee table (its a chalkboard!) is your own personal snack box.  You are even perfecting the mischievous looks and giggles to go with it.


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