Saturday, November 8, 2014


Late again.  I have had major plans of being great about writing while Kyle is away.  And then the first day he was gone, I remembered that we share a Macbook charger.  He took it.  So then I hemmed and hawed for a couple of days about what to do because well Macbook chargers are expensive.  So my offbrandpleaselastmeamonth cheaper one just arrived yesterday.  But one little almost one year old didn't get the memo that mommy wants to write and refused to take an afternoon nap.  So then bedtime (!) and my Mac wanted to update to Yosemite and I was like sure why not?!  And my Mac said it would only take 22 minutes... for 2 hours.  So here I am on Saturday speed typing this thing while Myles actually naps even though the link up was on Wed.  Thanks for leaving this sucker open ladies!


reading: the curious incident of the dog in the night time by Mark Haddon.  I just started this.  I heard about it when Kelly Ripa was talking about it on Live because it has been turned into a play.  She really talked it up so I got in line for the ebook from our library.  Not to be read when you are distracted or sleepy.  Long run on sentences.  Supposed to be about a kid with Aspergers that wants to solve the mystery of who killed the neighbor's dog.  Interesting so far but for a real look into Aspergers I recommend Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robison.

wishlisting:  Ever since I majorly downsized my wardrobe, I have been trying to be more thoughtful about what I put back into it.  I have been wanting a puffer vest for a little bit. Yesterday, I noticed a few that I would like to go back to the mall and look at again but I think I have narrowed it down to liking them with zippers.  Who knows.

loving:  apple cider.  Obsessed.  Majorly.  I have been heating it up on the stove with some whole cloves and cinnamon sticks.  So. Good.

appreciating:  Time with my almost 1-year old.  I was really anxious about not having any consistent help for the month, but so far-so good.  Life isn't all roses all day but this is really going rather smoothly.  And it has just been us for a week.  No hanging out with friends.  Am I turning into a hermit?  Oh no.  ALL OF OUR FRIENDS ARE SICK.  So I am also appreciating good immune systems because we have definitely been around all of the sick kids right before they got super sick.  Other than more than normal snot, we have been pretty peachy.

creating:  I made this pretty rad dinosaur blueberry pie last week.  That counts right?  It was definitely a hit.  I used Pillsbury crust and this filling recipe with frozen blueberries.  Definitely will want to remake in the summer when blueberries don't cost an arm and a leg.

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  1. Oh, dear - it's always something isn't it? Especially with this darn nap transitioning... Glad you were able to join in though! And I'm loving warm cider and puffer vests lately too.

  2. I too have been obsessing over apple cider and all other toasty fall drinks! I had heard that the play was absolutely amazing, I myself might have to take a look into the book.


  3. Apple cider is one of my favorite fall drinks! It's so yummy and comforting. Mm!


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