Wednesday, November 26, 2014

wishlist : Christmas 2014 mini-man edition

1 : for dress up How cute is this mask and tail?!  I was just browsing Etsy and thought this was pretty genius.  The shop BHBKidstyle has several different animals to choose from.  So so cute.

2 : for the car ride It is fascinating how kid specific music seems to calm a kid down in the car.  I was all about some Raffi as a little kid myself.  This could be pretty handy dandy for the next couple of years. 

3 : for eco friendly play Myles received a Green Toys dump truck and shape sorter for his birthday.  I really love this company.  100% made in the USA out of recycled plastic.  This stuff is fantastic.  The helicopter and airplanes look pretty great.

4 : for pretend munching Who knew Ikea made really neat toys?  Our friends have the Duktig felt food sets and they are pretty darn cute.  The vegetable set can be found on Amazon, but they make a fruit set as well.

5 : for the little helper  A mini version of mommy's vacuum cleaner?  Um yes please.  He loves chasing me around when I vacuum.  I would wager he would love to "help" when he gets a little bigger.  I  know some kids love their own broom too. 

6 : for carrying stuff  This cute little backpack would be the right size to hold Myles' snacks and diapers when we go places and when he gets a little older he could carry it himself.  These Skip Hop zoo backpacks are a good small size.

7 : for the eventual walker  Little kid shoes are expensive.  Feel free to get him some in the sizes to come... 5 and 6.  I love these little Saucony Jazz shoes.  

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  1. This list is perfect! I heart Raffi, was definitely thinking some play food soon, and my mom and I were just talking play vacuums. Also she told me about one of her friends who buys actual dust busters for 2nd birthday gifts - perfect because they think they're an awesome toy AND they actually clean up some dust! Those shoes are insanely cute too.


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