Friday, November 28, 2014


Kyle and I have had 3 quick trips to Charleston in the past 2 years.  Now, granted, they have all been in the winterish time.  But I have to say, it just is not my favorite place.  Bad weather aside... it just isn't the place to go with Kyle.  I wouldn't mind going to the historical places, touring a plantation or something; Kyle not so much.  It definitely isn't the greatest place to take a baby.  Maybe a girl's trip with my mom.  

But when your husband's residency program doesn't have a transplant team, he has to go to the nearest in-state teaching hospital for the experience.  For Kyle, that is Charleston.  So off we went.  Myles did pretty darn great in the car.  It was a 4 hour drive including stops.  He took a couple of naps and I had snacks and toys at the ready to pass back to him.  When all else failed, the kiddy music got turned on.  Works every time.

Our first afternoon there, we met a friend for lunch while Kyle was sleeping (he was coming off of a night shift).  That night we headed to a brewery I had wanted to go see.  The second trip that we made to Charleston was for an interview.  This was the only interview where spouses were NOT invited to the resident dinner (first of many things that put them towards the bottom of our list).  Thats ok.  I bought a beer in the hotel lobby and read a book.  That beer was from a local brewery called Westbrook.  It was very very interesting.  White Thai.  Try it.  So since it was so close, I really wanted to check it out since we had nothing else to do.  Kyle tried their Dry Irish Stout (very much like Guinness) and I got the Gose (a salty sour wheat beer- extremely interesting).

Sleeping arrangements were a little weird.  The hotel had Kyle in a tiny corner room which left us putting the pack-n-play right next to the door so that Myles couldn't see us when we turned off the lights.  If he could have seen us, he never would have gone to sleep.  

Kyle had Saturday off, and thanks to a recommendation, we decided to do the South Carolina Aquarium.  It didn't disappoint.  Myles really did look at some of the exhibits.  We managed to get some pretty good pictures out of it.  

Afterward we drove around forever trying to find somewhere to eat.  This is a frustrating part about Charleston and a baby.  Everyone is hungry and a lot of the restaurants that aren't in a sketchy part of town are on a one way street with parking only allowed on one side of the street.  And everyone is trying to go where you want to go.  We eventually found a brunch place a little further away that had one parking spot left.  It was amazing.  Thank you Hominy Grill.

We spent a good amount of time in the hotel room trying to get Myles to nap.  It didn't really happen much, but it was good to just have some family time alone.  Kyle had to head back to work early Sunday morning so Myles and I got on the road shortly after.  It was a good trip even if it was when the Polar Vortex decided to pay its visit.

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