Thursday, December 4, 2014



making :  I snatched up a boxwood wreath from Trader Joes this week ($9.99) and some berry branches from the HobLob ($0.59 each after discount).  Just deconstructed the berry branches so that I could spread them through the wreath and tied it to my door.  Pretty happy with the end result!

listening :  I mostly only listen to the local Holiday Music radio station when I'm in my car but I do enjoy my previous church Sojourn's Advent Songs CD.  Also, if you hadn't noticed on any talk show recently, Seth MacFarlane put out his own Christmas CD this year... I haven't heard the whole thing but I'm pretty shocked at how amazing he can sing.

wrapping :  Not really any of our own Christmas presents yet because I know Myles will try to destroy anything I put under the tree right now.  I was introduced to #scarfament this year on Instagram by Danielle Burkleo.  150 people signed up for this national Secret Santa to send their partner a scarf and ornament by Dec 1st and to receive the same from someone else.  I had so much fun getting this together for  my partner... unfortunately according to USPS tracking, she still hasn't received her package.  I had mine waiting for me when I returned from KY last week!  So much fun.

watching :  Everything on the DVR.  I agreed to not watch any of "our" shows while Kyle was gone so we spend all of our free time catching up on those... Agents of SHIELD, Bones, NCIS, White Collar to name a few.  While Kyle is gone, I watch "my" shows.  The Flash, Arrow, Somebodys Gotta Do It... Christmas wise... I always attempt to watch Its a Wonderful Life, the old Rudolph movies and A Christmas Carol.

anticipating :  Next week is Kyle's department Christmas Party.  We had to miss it last year since Myles had just recently been born and we are still trying to secure a babysitter for this time... I am pretty determined to make it this year.  I just really need to go shopping for a fancy winter dress now!


  1. Just wanted to say hello! I am stopping by from the link up :)
    Your wreath sounds beautiful! I plan on making a wreath eventually!
    I also cannot believe how well Seth MacFarlane can sing and I have to listen to the whole album now!

  2. Love the wreath! I bought the same one from TJ's but just slapped it up on the door. Yours is nicer :) This #scarfament thing sounds so fun - I will have to get on board for next year. I love a new scarf.

    Hope you get to that Christmas party, and thanks for linking up, as always!

  3. I love boxwood wreaths! That one is so so pretty. :)
    Thanks for linking up!


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