Monday, November 17, 2014

myles oliver : a birthday party

I had been a bit of a fuddy duddy earlier about whether or not to have a party for Myles since his birthday falls in the middle of Kyle's away rotation.  Since we didn't find out Kyle's schedule until he was already in Charleston, we capitalized on what we did know and planned Myles' birthday party 2 weeks early.  Kyle had to leave on the 2nd, so we celebrated on the 1st!  Issue:  this was the beginning of when everyone started getting sick so through a series of unfortunate events, 2 of the 4 families we invited weren't able to make it.  No worries.  We didn't let it slow us down!

I kept things as simple as I could without feeling like I was sacrificing on the cute first birthday for our first kid factor.  I had planned for quite some time to bake a blueberry pie for Myles since blueberries are his favorite, it is eggless, and well, you will understand once you see the pictures.  To all those haters that thought pie was the worst thing you could do to a kid on their birthday (how dare I not give my kid cake!) get over it.  Pie was a major hit!  I also grabbed an apple pie from Trader Joes in case people weren't blueberry fans.  Food wise, I just grabbed some roasted red pepper hummus with pita from TJ's and made some sausage balls right before the guests arrived.

We went with a light dinosaur theme.  I snagged that cute reusable chalkboard banner and used my dinosaur cookie cutters as stencils for the images, and dinosaur plates and napkins from Target.  A few colorful streamers and some little plastic dinosaurs from the Target dollar spot finished us off.  I also printed the monthbymonth photos from here on the blog and displayed them with a few other gems.

Adults and kids alike tore into that blueberry pie after Myles took care of the first slice.  It really was phenomenal and Pillsbury made the crust much easier to deal with.

The kids all took turns on Myles' present from us, his little red rocking moose from Ikea.  

The party was just what we needed.  A few friends to celebrate our kiddo.  Some good food and conversation.   Just enough to say we actually did it and had fun in the process.  I know Myles had a blast.

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  1. Fun! The banner is adorable, and I love the little dinosaurs on the pies. And I'm (obviously) on board with pie for parties - really any kind of sweets will do, but for the one-year-olds who love their fruit it's especially perfect. I loved how Hendrik responded to the apple pie at his party... his eyes got all wide like he was realizing it's the apples he likes but BETTER.


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