Tuesday, August 20, 2013

weekend replay : little brother

(I apologize in advance for the length of this post... I could have easily put it down to a few words and several pictures, but this blog isn't just for you... its for me too and I want to remember this weekend.)

It was an eventful weekend!  Lucas flew into Greenville Thursday afternoon.  I wasn't completely sure what to think about how the weekend would go.  Based on our last 4 years of life in Louisville... I was expecting a visit full of late night video games and being pretty much ignored by him and my husband. (No they really weren't that bad up there... but sometimes it felt like it).  But it was seriously a fantastic weekend.  

Kyle only had Saturday and Sunday off... so I had part of Thursday afternoon and most of Friday alone with Lucas.  We had a lot of fun, and the most surprising part... he was helpful.  In Louisville, if we asked him to take out the trash on his way to his car... HA!  His friends would end up doing it or it would be left by the door.  This time... I asked for help... "ok".  And it was done!  Maybe he has grown up a little while living at home the past month or two working for dad, but I still say its sympathy for the big bump on my front.  And for once.. I'm not complaining.

As mentioned the other day... I mowed the lawn... the back yard... the biggest yard... before he got here... And he fussed at me.  I mean I left the front yard for him... but he had planned on mowing it all for me.  I just felt bad asking him to do that knowing he had just spent the entire day before mowing and weed eating a whole campground at his other job.  But within an hour of him being at our house, my front yard was mowed!  Not only that... but he then started fussin at me for not cleaning up for him (our key spots in the house were still cluttered... its just Lucas...).  

Friday, I fixed some cinnamon rolls for us and we headed out to the mall.  He wanted some help shopping for some clothes and housewares, and I wanted to check out the maternity store's clearance aisle.  We both walked away with lighter pockets and full bags.  ( I might be exaggerating a little... but I did end up with 2 pairs of maternity pants and a shirt... ahhh the comfort!).  We also hit up Lowe's where he helped decide the paint colors for the laundry room and the baby's furniture... and carried everything out for me.  Shortly after, we found out that some family friends were going to stop by the house to see us on their way back to Virginia, so Lucas then HELPED ME CLEAN THE HOUSE.  But not before we discovered a major issue.  The dishwasher had sprung a leak.  Oi.  

it had been doing this for probably 3 days... 
Dinner that night was some cheap Japanese up the road from us... not bad!  Kyle was craving asian food (as usual).  The three of us spent Friday night watching a movie together before turning in.

Saturday started off with breakfast together, and then Kyle needed to work on a presentation for work, so me and Luke headed toward downtown to waste some time. Lunch at Mr. Salsa's up the road ended my time with them for the day.  They both retired to their computers to play video games and I got started on some small painting projects around the house and grilled some ribs for dinner.  

The night was finished for us with a late night run for hot Krispy Kremes!  And Myles was a happy baby.

Sunday was pancakes for breakfast, church, leftovers for a late lunch, more video games, and snacks for dinner.  Kyle had to go to bed early for work, so Lucas and I stayed up watching Food Network together.  

Monday morning, I let Lucas sleep in for his last day of "vacation" and took him to the airport around 1.  This weekend meant a lot to me.  We used to see my brother about once a week in Louisville.  He and Kyle, despite the 4 year age difference, did everything together.  And we became friends.  It isn't just the moving states apart that made this weekend important... it is the part where he is supposedly going to eventually move to Japan.  If the Air Force will ever get their stuff together and give him some official orders.  He was supposed to hear by this weekend if he would for sure be leaving Sept 30th for training in TX, but never got anything... so while I hate it for him with the whole not knowing anything for sure thing... I am kind of excited to have it almost certain that he will be in the US when his nephew is born.  I really want them to meet before Lucas moves so far away for a few years.  Because Lucas is REALLY excited to have a nephew on the way... and I'm pretty sure he will be a great uncle... even if it is just through Skype.

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