Wednesday, August 21, 2013

in a week

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It has snuck up on me.  We booked the flights about a month ago... and it hit on Monday that in a week, I will be flying back to KY for the baby showers.  And I have so many things I want to get done before then!

The weather is finally clearing up here... so we have finally been able to move the nursery furniture outside so I can work on painting it over the next several days.  I have never taken on this large/detailed of a project alone so wish me luck!  An old hutch bottom and that beautiful dresser we got a while back are about to be BLUE.  So I will be sanding, priming, painting several layers, and clear coating several layers onto two decent sized pieces of furniture.  Oh and all of those layers are supposed to be sanded in between. Thank you Papaw for that electric sander!

The big bombshell that has me a little thrown off... I am in love with the small batch of peach jam I fixed a while back... and so I knew I wanted to take advantage of peach season one last time so there would be plenty of jam to share... didn't quite realize that peach picking season at our local orchard ends about the time I get back from KY... so I need to pick peaches and make jam before next week too!  

If I have time... I will finish up my layers of white paint on some frames that I started this past weekend.  And I would LOVE to get the laundry room painted.  And since I'm kinda obsessed... I might have to do a little baking sometime too... its relaxing okay?

Oh and it would would be nice to get another round of groceries done so Kyle is able to feed himself while I'm away for 6 days...

I might be a little ambitious...

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  1. Tackle it one task at a time and you will get it. What you don't won't matter anyway!


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