Thursday, August 15, 2013

on cutting the grass

How to cut grass with a push mower:

Lesson 1 : If you must cut it while damp, don't run back over the cut stuff.
Lesson 2 : Don't wait a week and a half to cut it. 

Not following these lessons will result in the mower getting stopped up and cutting off multiple times during the day, lengthening the amount of time of cutting by a lot as you wait for the grass to dry out some and the mower to de-flood from your pitifully desperate attempts to get it started again.

Lesson 3 : Just wait until your brother arrives to SC and have him cut it for you. Stop being the nice sister.


  1. I think I've mowed grass twice in my entire life.

  2. This brings up a lot of memories of when i first tried to mow our lawn with a push mower! After a few cuts and a minor knee bruise, I found my handy work satisfactory, but my parents we're not so much as pleased. It's probably because (although it looked perfectly fine for me at that time) it looked like it was the fur of a rabid dog, patchy and spotted with holes. I was forced to perfect the art after some serious talk with the pops. It's nice to be a good sister once in a while, but mowing can be left to the good brother most of the time! Cheers!

    Richard @ Mower Doctor


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