Monday, August 5, 2013

weekend replay : good man

This weekend replay (and Medical Monday!) is dedicated to my husband.  The hard working surgical intern who spends more time at work than any human should.  Dealing with crap no one should have to deal with (he is currently on his Peds rotation).  But he loves it.  He is settling into his new life, our new life, and he is a trooper.  I say this because the man gets 4 days off per month.  His program does "golden weekends" so this translates to 2 precious weekends off per month.  Which is great during a normal month but this month has 5 weekends... so not so great for him.  And I just filled this weekend with stuff I wanted to do.  And he was amazing.

activity 1
Ok ok the first activity for the weekend was something he has been begging to do for weeks now... and it just kept not happening... partly because of circumstances... partly because there was nothing out that I was ok with watching... We went to see The Wolverine in 3D.  And it was awesome.  We have always enjoyed the X-men movies and this one did not disappoint.
activity 2
I tempted him out of bed Saturday morning with breakfast and then threw him in a car to go to Fisher's Orchard to do a pick-your-own peach activity.  Sure I could have bought the same peaches at a roadside stand a little closer to home for a slight upcharge... but I really wanted to go!  And he was very helpful.  He could reach the good ones higher up than I could :).  We picked a peck (about 12 pounds of deliciousness) for $10.  Today these gems will hopefully be canned in some form or fashion.
activity 3
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Once we had peaches, it wasn't quite lunch time (I had promised him Mexican food) so we made a not quite quick trip to The Home Depot.  He did need some safety glasses for work, and I had lots of loose ends to buy for various projects. Still didn't get everything I needed but I really need to finish some projects before I keep buying for projects I don't have time for yet.  He never complained once.
activity 4
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Still Saturday... I sent him off to get his hair cut before he mowed the lawn and lo-and-behold, he shows up with a surprise cherry limeade for me.  This is a big deal people.  This is a rarity.  He is a sweet man, but this trip was out of his way.  Made. My. Day.  I might have thanked him with a steak dinner from our grill.  And an evening to relax.
activity 5
After church on Sunday, we went with some friends out for burgers and a milkshake and then took a nice walk around Falls Park.  We had fun but he was ready to head home.  
This was the last thing I had planned for the weekend.  He needed to get some reading done at home and I had a few things I wanted to get done as well.  The rest of our evening was spent vegging out on the couch catching up on Supernatural.  I'm so grateful for Kyle and how he pretty much never complained this weekend.  It meant a lot to me to get to do all of these things with him.  It was a busy weekend, but it has prepped me for an even busier week.  Lots of projects to work on now!  

It is the first Monday of the month so that means its Medical Monday!  And this isn't a normal one either... its the one year anniversary of them so there is a giveaway going on!  So if thats how you found me, welcome to my blog, hope you have enjoyed it.  :)


  1. Hi Hillary-
    I'm new to your blog via Medical Mondays. And girl, I am feeling for you. A surgical intern! Yowzers! I can't stand how screwed up residency schedules are but it looks like you keep a pretty positive attitude :) And you guys did way more than we ever do on a weekend! I'm jealous of the peach picking... not sure my hubs would go for that :) Hang in there, Hillary!
    ox, Amber

    1. thanks for stopping by! I'm not sure if I will be able to get him back to the orchard or not but I can always grab a friend to go with me. We will see how the canning goes tomorrow... I might need to make another trip :).

  2. Thanks for linking up with MM! I loved reading about your weekend... I can almost taste the peaches!!!!

  3. Hi! Found your blog through MM. It looks like you guys had a great weekend. I love weekends like that, even if the wrap-up happens to have some required reading in them.

  4. You had me at "peaches". I adore peaches!!
    Your husband is a tooper! After a crazy week, if Doc H has the weekend off, he makes up for every second of lost sleep he can. However, I won't make him feel too bad about it, he has to be more than 20 years older than your husband, so I'll give the poor man a break. ;)
    Thank you for always linking up with us for MM!! Love reading what you guys are up to!

    1. The whole not needing to catch up on sleep part is due to his demanding he get 8 hours of sleep every night he works... only surgery intern here that does. which equals less time with me during the week so weekends he doesn't need to "catch up". we will see how long this lasts once the baby is born.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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