Monday, August 12, 2013

lets play a game

So last week I mentioned a project that two friends helped out with.  Well now I'm ready to tell you about that project.  Everyone has received their cards so I'm good with spilling it all on here.  Especially since it went over so well!

This little doozie was dreamed up over a month ago.  I had just met my friend Aly down here and found out she was into crafty things too, so I texted her one day and asked her for ideas for how to reveal the name of our baby.  Because lets face it... other than what he is going to look like for real, the name is all we had left to have fun with.  We didn't wait very long to let our families know about the pregnancy, and couldn't hold it in that he was a boy... especially since we had just moved and not settled in to our new surroundings/jobs.  So I am actually glad that Kyle decided at the last moment that we would not tell the name we had decided on.  Even though I was dying to tell everyone I talked to.

I knew I wanted to do a photo... but was quickly shown on Pinterest and Google Search that everyone was doing the same thing at the moment.

They are all cute ideas... I just knew that I wanted to add an element to the reveal... so all that to say... I was excited when Aly's reply was to do photo clues for the names.  

And so The Name Game was born.  I asked for Aly and her boyfriend Matt's help with the photos of Kyle and I...
We picked a Sunday we were all free and put it on the calendar.  Matt would take the photos, and for the sake of time, I would do the editing so I could print immediately.  So last week, we went to Reedy Falls Park after church and had a little fun.  Matt got some really great shots but only a few were right for THE photo.  Mostly... the belly wasn't very obvious... and what's a pregnancy photo without the belly?  Even so... I love these pictures!

None of these were quite right.  But I may still use them for my own personal collection.  But no worries!  Matt got a couple of shots just perfect for what I had in store.

So I picked, Photoshopped, printed.  All that was left was the main part of the project.  Creating the game.  This took an entire extra day of printing, cutting, decoupaging, and stamping.  But I just loved the end result!  Feel free to play along before you look at the last photos :).

Inside was "did you get it right?" followed by personalized messages and a copy of the chosen pictures (we sent out 2 different ones) with the answer.  So some of you reading this got one picture and you can see the other photo that went to others now!

In case you are playing along... the answer is coming up!




I loved hearing what people guessed.  Most people really over-thought the clues.  Kyle's parents broke out the atlas, my parents tried "decoding"the mile marker with a numbers=letters idea.  Others just thought the cities were options for names.  The game was definitely a hit and was worth the effort.

And the short explanation on the name:

Myles : the middle name of Kyle's grandfather Vernon who passed away in May.
Oliver : Kyle's dad's middle name and also the maiden name of his grandmother who just passed away.

We can't wait to meet our Myles!  I have been extra busy planning and working on his room lately!


  1. I guessed it! How incredibly fun! Such a great idea and you did an amazing job executing it!

  2. Ah I guessed it!
    This is such a great idea, and I LOVE the name, especially since it has such a great significance too.
    By the way, you look so cute!!


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