Friday, August 23, 2013

five on friday

One of the ladies I follow all the time, Beth Ann at My Life More Abundant did her first link up with Five on Friday last week... and I loved it.  So, I thought I would participate in this massive linkup.

The guideline for this linkup is : To "blog about 5 things..... things that you're loving, things that are on your mind, etc.  Really, any five things."  So here goes nothing:


kicks.  At 28 weeks, Myles is getting strong.  The doctor asked me on Wed. if I have felt him moving around yet (that I should be feeling him at least once a day).  I had to laugh.  Yes.  ALL THE TIME.  I just sit and laugh on the couch while he has my whole belly shaking and jumping.  Its so surreal.  And freaky.  And cool.  For now.


goshandgolly-Etsy : $43
mobiles.  I haven't really liked any in the baby stores... so I have been scoping out some DIY tutorials on them.  And since I have recently made the decision for his room to have an underlying vintage biplane theme, I think this cloud mobile would be perfect.  With my own little twist on it of course.  And since I have found a simple tutorial to make it myself... it will be significantly cheaper than buying it online.


peaches.  There is going to be one more major round of peach jam making happening very soon.  I can't get over how amazing the peaches are down here and I really want to take advantage of it while I can.  Especially since the last batch at the beginning of the month turned out so well. 


bread.  I love making homemade bread.  I sort of knew this was going to be a slippery slope if I actually tried it out.  It tastes amazing, and is pretty relaxing to make.  And oh so rewarding.  Except for my waistline.  I think there is starting to be more down there than just Myles.  Maybe I will stop being obsessed soon?


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the weekend.  Last weekend was Kyle's last time off for the next 19 days straight.  It sucks for him but I'm not completely tore up about it.  With the trip home happening over next weekend, I will be kept pretty busy preparing to be, and being, gone.  Which leaves this weekend to worry about.. but once again... going to be busy... and as I learned 2 weeks ago, it is a lot of fun to go visit him during the weekend.  Sort of feels like a mini-date that you are sort of trying to guess when he is going to have to "rush off and save the day".  Ok... so most likely he would just have to leave to take care of something silly but that mindset makes it a lot more exciting and a lot less annoying. Fortunately the "date" is being interrupted for an event where the "date" is occurring, and not at a fancy restaurant on an important relationship holiday across town (which I'm sure will happen in our lifetime).  So yes.  I am looking forward to having coffee or something with my husband for hopefully 30 minutes in the hospital cafeteria this weekend. 

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