Monday, June 1, 2015

get your fix!

In my birthday list, I made the random request for Stitch Fix gift cards.  I never really expected to get any... but I ended up with 2!  So I broke my Pinterest hiatus and got busy pinning things that I think represent my style.  The Stitch Fix stylists use Pin Boards and your beginning style profile quiz to get an idea of how to best choose pieces for you.  Each shipment comes with 5 items of some sort for you to choose from.

Once I felt like my board had become a decent look into my typical style (or what I wish my style was...), I did my style profile, linked my board, and let them know what sort of things I did or did not want.  In my case, I told them I was ok with always having one 'date night' dressy item in my shipment, was somewhat adventurous with new styles but mostly liked classic items, and did not want any jewelry or other accessories as any of my 5 items.  I also specifically asked for white skinny jeans and a maxi skirt.  Then I was given available dates to receive my "fix" and chose the last Saturday of May.

Once your box arrives, You have 3 business days to make a decision on what you want to keep.  What you don't want goes in a pre-paid shipping bag, and mailed back to the company.  You only are charged for what you keep.  If you keep nothing, you are charged a $20 styling fee.  If you keep something, that $20 initial fee goes toward your purchase.  If you keep everything, you get a 25% discount.

You guys, I was waiting by the mailbox for this thing to come.  I could not contain my excitement!  I couldn't get Myles down for his nap fast enough so I could rip into this thing!  Inside, were 5 items of clothing, style guides with 2 ways to wear each item, a note from my stylist "Kerry", instructions on what to do next, and the bag to return things in.  My items:

The first item is a dot print fit&flare dress by 41Hawthorn.  This thing fit like a glove.  I was a little surprised at how heavy the fabric was and how dark the colors were in person for this to be in a summer box.  If I had something to dress up for, I would have kept this in a heartbeat.  You can't beat $48 for something that great.  I just really, really didn't need this right now.

Next was the Sam Hi-Lo Tee by Market&Spuce.  This was a major flop.  The fabric was screaming "I'm going to snag on everything", I was not excited by the cut, and it was majorly overpriced at $44.  It looked just like something I would not grab at forever21 for $10.

The Remmie Ikat Maxi skirt by Papermoon.  This was the biggest "almost" in the box.  It just barely was too big in the waist.  People I sent photos to really liked it, but it was just too busy of a print for me.  And the $58 price tag finalized the "no".

These are printed shorts by Skies are Blue.  These were the things I was pleasantly surprised by because I never would have even tried them on in a store, but they weren't too bad.  Just not good enough to keep.  I told my stylist that if that print had been on a normal pair of shorts I would have seriously considered them.  Not too bad at $38 either.

Last but not least, the V-Neck Heathered Dolman sleeve shirt by Market&Spruce.  I knew I would love this thing.  It fit great, I loved the neckline and the weight of the fabric.  The color is that perfect hue for summer or winter.  I can see myself wearing this year round.  The price would normally have thrown me off at $48, but I know I will get a lot of wear out of this, and well... gift cards!  Definitely the item I chose to keep.

Overall, the prices are enough for me to stop the automatic monthly subscription.  But if you hate shopping for yourself but don't mind paying around $50 or more for any item of clothing, then this is definitely the service for you.  I absolutely loved my experience.  My package arrived earlier than expected and returning unwanted items could not have been easier.  I may have opted out of automatic shipments, but I am definitely considering making this a seasonal treat for myself (actually there is an automatic 3 month subscription option available; I just want to be more mindful with my Pin Board to get the best 'fix', where I wouldn't be if it is automated)!  

I firmly recommend this service.  I was hoping to be pushed a little outside my normal choices but hoped to have a chance at adding a great staple item to my wardrobe.  I feel like they really did hit the mark and considered my desires.  There was even a note from the stylist that she just couldn't make the white jeans happen this time but to try again next month.  Sorry Kerry... I found some at the mall.  If you want to give it a try, please use my referral link; if you do then I get a credit towards future fixes!

This is not a sponsored post.  I did not receive any benefit from this review... it really is just because I wanted to share.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Fun that you gave this a try! That dress looks so amazing on you... I totally would have forced my hubby into a date night just to keep it :) The dolman sleeve top is great too though - can definitely see getting plenty of use of that in a mom wardrobe. Pretty color on you!

  2. You look good in green! I love the dress, too :) The top you picked looks very comfy and the fabric looks so soft! Thanks for sharing your fun experience with us at Together on Tuesdays!!!

  3. I love the top you chose! I really think you'll be able to wear it year round!


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