Wednesday, June 10, 2015

what we're wearing wednesday : ripped chic

Last week I had a vacation.  Kyle's parents were here for a couple of nights the first weekend, and then they cut their cloudy/rainy beach vacation short and came back for a few more!  Kyle worked the whole time so I was the one getting to take advantage of Myles having grandparent time.  We did squeeze in a date Friday night and I was able to have lunch with him at work on Saturday.  

So in all of my adventuring, I managed two separate shopping trips!  First, I finished off my birthday gift card for Forever21 and snagged this majorly distressed pair of skinny white jeans.  I really only tried them on to find out what size I would need.  But then I loved them.  They fit really well, and though completely out of my adult-life-norm, I didn't feel like I was trying to look like a teenager.  And I had a gift card.  

Then after lunch with Kyle, I ventured up to one of my new favorite boutiques; Southern Sister's Boutique in Greer.  I have enjoyed visiting the shop on occasion and chatting with one of the sisters every time, but never made a purchase.  Until now.  I am a sucker for zipper detail and was thrilled when this top fit!

I really love how the ripped jeans add that little edge to an otherwise put-together outfit.  I am pretty sure this is a new favorite outfit indeed.  

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  1. Isn't it awesome just to have a chance to be ALONE every once in a while? These are such good finds - I've been getting into distressed denim for the exact same reason, and in white they are so perfect for summer! Also the silhouette and color of that top look so good on you. Way to splurge :)


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