Monday, February 23, 2015

winter staycation 2015

Back in November when I went back to Kentucky for Thanksgiving, everyone kept asking me when we would be coming back.  I wasn't sure how to answer because I knew we weren't planning any big vacations this year but we hadn't really talked about when we would make the drive.  My mom recommended us staying down here for this vacation since we would need to drive through the mountains to get to Kentucky and its just too iffy this time of year due to the weather; April is much less likely to have a freak snowstorm keep us from getting back.  I was starting to second guess our staying down here since it was in the 60s for most of last month.

And then we had an ice storm last week here in the Upstate, and our families have had a non-melting foot of snow.  And then Kyle got a stomach virus.  Smart thinking mom.

My mentors down here have continuously encouraged me to make a list of what I want to accomplish during this week of bliss.  So far it has only been a mental list... and I can already see that I really do need to write it down. Marked out items have been completed!!!

paint the kitchen.  explore the area.  go to IKEA.  switch television providers.  organize/rearrange kitchen cabinets.  go to the zoo as a family.  get time alone.  bake some cookies.  eat Henry's BBQ.  eat somewhere new.  get Kyle's car serviced.  get my car serviced.  go to the dentist.  get haircuts.  hang the newly framed painting.  repaint the chalkboard coffee table.  soak up family time.  

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