Monday, February 9, 2015

weekend replay : surprise date

I mentioned last week that I had a little something up my sleeve for our Parent's Night Out the church was providing.  Generally, we take those opportunities to see a movie, but this time there wasn't anything we just had to see in the theater.  So since it is my goal to do some exploring outside of our normal spots in this still kinda-new-to-us city, I got to planning.  

Thanks to Lyndsey for the inspiration.  I don't think I have ever mentioned to her that we used to enjoy playing disc golf together when we first got married, but for whatever reason, she said, "you guys could go disc golfing since we have so many courses around here..."  Um. What?  

When we lived in Owensboro for undergrad, Kyle took up disc golf, and it was my kind of pace so I got into it as well.  They had 2 really great courses within 5 miles of our school/apartment so it was a great thing to do on our time off.  Then we moved to Louisville.  And the courses were about 30 min- an hour away.  I think Kyle played twice during his first year of Med-School and his discs have sat in the car ever since.  So I never even thought about it when we moved down here.  We have 3 courses within 15 minutes of our house.  Two of them are tucked back off of roads we frequent weekly.  (jaw drop.)

Kyle was on call Friday night so he slept until almost 3pm on Saturday.  I already had hidden his bag of discs in the back of my car and we loaded up as soon as he got ready.  We dropped Myles off at 4:00 and then I drove from the church to the 9 hole disc golf course nearby.  He was surprised!  We were both terrible at it, but it felt good to be outside together again!  With courses so nearby I think we might have our new family activity for Kyle's weekends off this spring.  I think Myles would enjoy "hiking" the courses with us if we don't try to get out there and think we could do a whole round.

Next it was time for dinner.  I have been wanting to go up to Traveler's Rest, a small community slightly north of us, for a while, and really really wanting to visit the Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse.  This place was only another 15 minutes from where we were and worth the drive.

I didn't know to expect just a walk in and order type of place.  I sort of thought it was more of a sit-down restaurant.  It caught me off guard, but wasn't unwelcome.  It was just more of the coffeeshop feel.  

We each ordered a savory crepe.  Kyle got the Lumberjack which was the breakfast one with egg bacon and cheese topped with a little maple syrup.  I ordered the chicken and mushroom special.  They were both really good.

The real star though was the sweet crepe that we ordered next for dessert, and my Counter Culture cappuccino.  We both agreed to get the Tiramisu crepe and it did not disappoint.  

We aren't sure if we would ever drive up there for dinner at Tandem again.  Everything has eggs in it so its not Myles friendly.  However, we agreed that we would love to go back for dessert, especially to share the experience with family.  I have my eye on the blueberry cream crepe or banana nut for next time.  Kyle would love to try the key lime.  I think Kyle's only complaint was the drink selection.  They only serve coffee, hot tea, or water to drink or a handcrafted soda.  Kyle only drinks soda or sweet tea with his meals so he wasn't super happy with his options since he doesn't drink coffee.  He got the handcrafted pomegranate soda but it just wasn't his thing.

It was a fantastic date which only took 2.5 hours to complete.  So I drug him to Old Navy to have some toddler-less browsing time and scored a pretty cute dress with his help.  It was exactly what we needed.  We really had some great conversations and got to enjoy each other, something sitting in a movie theater just doesn't allow.  

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  1. So fun! That place looks cool - and always nice to have a dessert option. We never can think of somewhere to go just for dessert besides ice cream... And how fun to do an activity that you used to do together pre-baby - such a treat to do that on occasion. I should think of something to surprise Peter with - maybe some tennis - he'd love it!


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