Friday, February 20, 2015

foodie friday : chicken and rice

I used to try to make up my own recipe of chicken and rice.  It was a bit dangerous.  Once it was pretty great. Another time the rice was underdone.  Another time I had too much seasoning.  Kyle was never much of a fan but I kept trying...because I was.

So when BHG popped up another recipe on my Facebook feed a couple of weeks ago, I jumped.  It sounded good, and I've never cooked with wine before.  Scandalous I know.  You can see the recipe here.

I had some trouble, because it called for "long grain and wild rice blend", but I couldn't find that anywhere that didn't have seasoning already mixed in.  Until I remembered that Uncle Ben's has a seasoning packet separately.  And it was the same measurement as in the recipe, so I decided that was what they meant without naming names... minus the packet.  Save yourself some grief and just use whatever long grain rice you already have in hand.  I was worried I would be missing out on some texture if I didn't have the wild rice..but I never even noticed it, so... use whatever you have in your pantry...except maybe minute rice... I think that might be mushy.  

The verdict... I liked it, but would DEFINITELY use cream of mushroom soup instead of the chicken and rice soup.  It needed the extra creaminess.  Kyle had they typical shoulder shrug response to stuff he is eating because thats what I cooked.

And Myles, well Myles took about two bites and refused it every time I tried to give it to him after.  He loves chicken.  He loves rice.  I don't have a clue about this issue except that this week he also has decided he hates sandwiches.  Toddler life.

I will definitely try this again, because I really did like it and it was pretty easy.  I do recommend it, with the change I mentioned above.  I really think that would give it exactly what I was hoping for in the beginning.  Please let me know if you try any of the recipes I share!  I want to hear from you!

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