Wednesday, February 18, 2015

toddler on ice

My parents had almost a foot of snow up in Kentucky by the time our sleet started down here in the Upstate.  It stuck to our deck first, and I was starting to get hopeful that it wasn't going to be cold enough to freeze on the roads, until Kyle came home Monday night.  Shortly after, our driveway turned white.

Thankfully, although everything was covered in a thick layer of sleet and topped off with a layer of frozen rain, Kyle made it quite safely to the hospital around 5:00am yesterday.  I majorly stressed for nothing.  Oh well.

I have to admit, this was as close to all of it I was planning on letting Myles get.  I had ventured out before he woke up and found it to be pretty solid ice, and I didn't really know if I wanted to deal with it alone.  But then everyone and their mother was posting photos on Facebook of their kiddos in the snow or ice, so I hated to be such a fun-sucker.  And Myles has only ever worn his winter coat once.

It had started thawing quite a bit by the time we got out there so it was at least crunching under our feet.  Myles did fall a couple of times but he seemed to enjoy it.

He took it nice and slow, but once you got near the trees, you started getting ice/rained on from above so he kept turning to head to the stoop in front of the front door.

So we went to the back yard.  Where he first headed toward the creek, and then once steered, decided he needed to go dig in the mud in my gardens.

So we went back inside.

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