Tuesday, October 13, 2015

packing light : cruise capsule

not shown is jeans, hoodie, accessories (sunglasses, necklaces, wristlet) bathing suits, coverup.  no links to anything because well its all "old" stuff there aren't really links for anymore :-)

Packing for me is a little easier to do lightly than it is for Kyle.  I can mix and match and re-wear items at different times in a trip to make it look like something new.  The items above made up my main outfits for the duration of our cruise.  Supplemented with jeans and a light hoodie for cold nights walking inside, 2 bathing suits with coverup, and you have pretty much all that I packed for our 5 days away.  Full cruise recap can be found here.

I kept the amount of space my shoes took up to a minimum by wearing my tennis shoes through the airports instead of packing them, and taking a versatile pair of sandals that looked great poolside or with my casual dinner wear.  One pair of heels for formal night topped off the 3 pairs I needed for the trip.  

Unfortunately I do not have photos for every combination that I wore to make this more understandable because (1) Kyle is terrible at taking pictures unless I explicitly tell him to, (2) sometimes we were in a hurry and it was the last thing on my mind (like our last night when I was seasick after dinner...).  (3) Because sometimes selfies were all we could manage.

Basically, my plan of attack was, wear a tank or t-shirt with the skirt for dinner, and then the next day or so wear that same barely-worn shirt with my variety of shorts for exploring.  So all shirts were worn with the khaki, navy, or light blue shorts that I packed; the white t-shirt was worn with the blue pencil skirt our first casual night, the tropical dress for our 2nd, and the coral tank with sweater and blue pencil skirt the 3rd.  I wore my NY&C floral Eva Mendez dress from the graduation dinner 2 years ago as my outfit for formal dinner (after doing some quick alterations myself).

All in all, it made deciding what to wear easier because there wasn't a whole suitcase to dig through.  I originally planned this because we were going to pack everything in 2 small carry on suitcases, but then we needed to packed a lot bigger ones after we found out we had a formal night (Kyle needed his suit) and that we wanted to take snorkel gear.  So I really only did this as a little challenge to myself; so I should have packed a couple more shirts or tanks just because I did have extra room and plenty of storage in our small cabin.  I managed quite well though!

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  1. This looks perfect for your trip and the types/range of activities you needed to pack for! I'm impressed how much color you got in there and yet everything still mixes and matches so well. I'm not quite as good at that, usually going really neutral to make it all work. But color is so fun for the Caribbean! And smart move on the shoes for sure - I always want exercise ones along, so I've started just wearing them on travel days too, even if I feel a teeny bit dorky. :)


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