Friday, October 16, 2015

foodie friday : thai basil beef

This recipe was on the news feed of my phone.  It was part of a 5 days of stir fry idea, and we ended up using 2 of them this week!  First up was thai basil beef by The Woks of Life (recipe).  I wanted to make sure I did this right, so instead of using whatever basil I could find at Walmart, I went to our neighborhood asian store and had them grab real Thai basil for me.  Y'all... the smell of this stuff is heaven.  Do not be afraid to go to your own local Asian store to get the correct ingredients!  It is so worth the trip.

This was made even easier, because Walmart had stir-fry ready thin cut beef so it was pretty much a toss in the pan and done recipe.  I missed the step of tossing the beef in cornstarch first, and wish I had because it would have helped keep the pieces separated better and would have helped out with the sauce at the end.  So don't forget that step!

We just ate this with some Jasmine rice and Aldi's frozen pork egg rolls (amazing!!!).  I really need to do an Aldi's post soon.  Kyle wished there had been a little more sauce to mix in with his rice, but enjoyed this dish, and Myles was a major fan!  I enjoyed it but agreed there should have been a little more sauce (easily remedied) and I might enjoy a squeeze of lime over it next time!  Overall, we have a winner folks.

For more information about Thai Basil, this post is very informative!

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  1. This one sounds/looks really good! Thai basil is always a winner ingredient in my opinion.


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