Monday, October 28, 2013

random readings

I thought it might be fun to start a link post about things I have found interesting to read each week.  The stuff I sometimes share on Facebook but other times don't think about... but wish I had.  If you have a few minutes, I hope you find some of them as interesting as I did!  I am still not sure what day of the week this will officially fall on... but since I haven't taken pictures of the nursery yet, I thought this would go up today instead of a Weekend Replay (it wasn't a very busy weekend anyway).  

So what have I read this week?  Lots of baby stuff...

and finally...

I'm going to be reading more from her...and what do you know?  She has written a book!

Not for the faint of heart... (Postpartum care list)

Confessions of a Doctor's Wife
Advice from a Doctor's wife recently out of the trenches and into their first real job in the medical journey... what not to do with your finances.

A few weeks ago I asked for book recommendations from friends... A friend from college recommended anything by Jen Lancaster.  I picked up "Pretty in Plaid" and followed it up with "Bitter is the New Black".  I have not been disappointed.  If you can get past her shockingly rude is a pretty hilarious memoir series.  I will be picking up one or two more at the library soon.  Nice quick reads :-).

Usually I am not this heavy on baby related stuff...but I have been doing a lot of prepping this week... so its just what I keep running across.  

Have you found anything worth reading lately?


  1. I read those "things mom needs to know" and "things dad needs to know" posts a while ago and found them really helpful for expectations - never remembered to show them to Peter but should do it now!

    1. They were really good. I really liked her writing style. Kyle reads my blog most of the time so he might look at them but I probably should mention it to him :). Hope all is well over there!


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