Wednesday, October 23, 2013

any time now

Today I am officially 37 weeks pregnant.

3 weeks until my due date.

But technically "at term" now.  Were he to come today, he should be developed enough to be fine.  

These stretches and kicks are quite uncomfortable now.  It almost feels like I'm getting bruised under my ribcage.  But that might just be everything stretching and moving some more.  I guess it all just means he is a strong little boy in there.  

My parents came in this past week and helped us get more things done around the house.  The nursery is finished (hoozah!) other than waiting for one last decoration to arrive in the mail (and then I PROMISE to share it on here).  We also got my wall-o-frames hung in the living room (though only 3 frames actually have in them what I intend to have displayed).  And several cute outfits may have been purchased for Myles by my mother and I.  

Saturday we had our tour of the labor and delivery floor at the hospital.  I was pretty impressed.  The trick is going to be timing... assuming Kyle is working when I go into labor... I'm going to need to figure out someone to drive me to the hospital... but not until I have dealt with progressing to 5 minutes between contractions (go too soon and they will send me home), but taking into account that the drive could be about 30 minutes to the hospital (rush hour...).  This is going to be interesting.

So now we wait.  I will keep trying to add a few things to the freezer, force myself off the couch on occasion, continue getting things ready (getting the car washed today and planning on packing my bag) and attempt to keep things decent around here.  

I'm not sure what I'm looking forward to most right now... getting this kid out of me, or Kyle's month of night float being over.  I'm ready to have my husband back.

Dear Myles, I'm pleading with you to come a little early.  Not only would it let your daddy enjoy you during his entire week of vacation, but now your Uncle Lucas meeting you is depending on it.  (On his way to SC last week he got word that his AF training plans have changed... instead of training in TX in the beginning of Dec, he is now leaving directly for Japan on Nov 21st).

Early son.
Not late.

But right now I'm more concerned with whether I should have candy ready for trick-or-treaters next week (or if the kids only do trunk-or-treat at the churches).  


  1. Exciting times, I hope he surprises you and comes early too!

  2. You have the most precious pregnant belly (although I bet it's quite uncomfortable)! Let me know if I can send you anything! Can't wait to meet Myles!

  3. Getting exciting!! And you look great. My doulas suggested that if traffic is a concern, or if you think you might be in labor but want to make sure it doesn't die out, then you can drive over to the area of the hospital and walk around or go to a Target nearby or something like that to try to wait it out a little... But they also said most often people go into labor at night, so hopefully your hubby will be home for you! And will keep my fingers crossed for early - it can happen, I know :)


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