Friday, October 25, 2013

five on friday


surprises.  My play-date mom friends used the monthly resident wife dinner night on Wednesday as time for a surprise baby shower.  So thankful for these sweet ladies.  Even more thankful for their openness with their lives to help prepare me for what is to come.  Because of them and other resident families (some of which I just met or have yet to meet), little Myles is going to be fully prepared with plenty of newborn outfits when he gets here :).  We are so beyond blessed by the people in this program.  I have really enjoyed all of the cards to Myles, welcoming him to the Surgery family.  :)


peace of mind.  At my last 2 doctor's visits, my abdomen has measured a little small for how far along I am so we had an ultrasound scheduled yesterday just to be sure that everything is good.  Thankfully it is all very good; he is an average sized baby in a little mom. He is just waiting to be born.  And just like I knew would happen, he wouldn't stop putting his hand in front of his face again.  We didn't miss much though... it was just a normal 2D scan so we couldn't see what he really looked like anyway.


laundry.  While my parents were in, dad installed a laundry line that runs from our deck railing to the random light pole in the middle of the backyard... so now I have a fantastic 20 foot line to dry future cloth diapers on, and little bitty baby clothes.  Which I love washing and folding as part of my nesting routine.  I got all of the new outfits washed last night so I can pick out his "coming home" outfit.  :)


rest.  I have made sure to get out of the house everyday, because I really just feel better if I get up and move around for a while.  Afterward though, I spend a lot of time resting.  I'm still restless, but I am trying to enjoy the peaceful time and cuddles from the cats while I still can.


(really wishing I had my camera on me this morning when he was trying to stuff the cats into the baby carrier as soon as he got home from work.  It would have been the perfect photo for this spot.)

kyle.  I'm so thankful for my husband.  I'm so in love with how excited he is to become a dad.  How much he already loves his son.  That he woke up a little early to be able to be there for the ultrasound.  That he called me later to hear how the last of the visit went since he had to leave early.  I know its going to be hard for him to always be around, but I know he will try his best for us.


  1. Surprise shower - how fun! And we had the same thing with the small measurements... but once you get the peace of mind, it's kind of fun for an excuse for an extra chance to see him on ultrasound, isn't it? I love the excited dad thing too - so sweet.

  2. Seems as though you have a lot of happiness in your life right now :)


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