Friday, September 18, 2015

foodie friday : pork chop stroganoff

I ran across this recipe almost as soon as I downloaded Yummly to my Kindle.  Simple? Meat? Gravy? Mushrooms? Crock Pot?  Definitely.  This is a new favorite indeed.  And guess what?! 

Kyle likes it.  

Like for real.  No little shoulder shrug of semi-approval.  Full on, "yeah that is good!" approval.  Myles gobbled it up the first time I fixed it, this time however, he is sick with a mystery fever of some sort.  So he doesn't want to eat anything but cheese and cookies.  

Ignore the terrible quality of photos, I did have a toddler underfoot so you guys get the phone pics this time, no fancy camera use.  And everything in this recipe is brown...soooooo... not even a fancy camera will make it look pretty.  This is how easy it is:  mix the soup and gravy mix in the slow cooker.  Toss in sliced mushrooms (I use baby bella because that is what Aldis had for cheap but I don't think it matters), brown the chops in butter (just use boneless... it will save you the headache of searching for the bones when all that meat falls apart later), and deglaze the yummy brown  bits with a little water and toss that all on top of your shrooms.  Cook on low about 5 hours or so.  Mix in the sour cream with the rest of the gravy before you serve.  Real recipe is found at The Midnight Baker.

We enjoy these with some mashed potatoes; this time I roasted some delicata squash as our other side.  Haven't had delicata?  It is super yummy, like a mild butternut, but SO MUCH EASIER to deal with because you can eat the skin and it is much smaller.  Trader Joes finally has them back out for 99 cents each.  Love winter squash season!  Just cut in half, scoop out the seeds, slice 1/2 inch thick, and bake on a cookie sheet at 375F for about 30 minutes after you sprinkle on a little olive oil and salt, flipping them over half way through.  They are delicious cold the next day too!

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