Wednesday, January 29, 2014

snow day!

So apparently we brought the ability for it to snow with us from Ky when we moved...

yes he is shirtless on a snow day... we are fighting a rash.  I thought it was heat rash but now we are thinking he is allergic to detergent.  Momma is rewashing everything he owns right now.  Another story for another day.

Myles couldn't have cared less...

But his Momma sure was excited!!!!! I just love snow.  I was so excited to get to watch it yesterday and wake up with it still here.  Even if no one here knows how to drive and it was a little scary for Kyle to get home last night.  But they salted everything and this morning wasn't bad :).

Seeing this beauty though reminds me that there is a dark side to winter weather.  I'm  not talking about the freak snow storm going through the south right now... that is bad... I am remembering the ice storm that happened 5 years ago this week.  When Ky (and various other states surrounding us) were slammed with an inch or so of freezing rain/sleet/ice.  We went to bed with normal winter temperatures, and overnight things plummeted during a good rain.  My parents woke up to this:

Kyle and I were living in Owensboro at the time... not even married a year.  It was just as bad up there but thankfully we lived on the same power grid as the hospital so we were only without power for part of the day.  My parents were without it for about a week.  My boss at the time was without for over 3 weeks.  And we were all the lucky ones.

There were house fires from people trying to stay warm.  Carbon monoxide poisoning from people putting their generators in the house to keep it from being stolen.  My parent's town ran out of running water.  Thankfully my parents were able to use water from the pool (after breaking through the ice) to flush the commode.  They cooked food on their gas grill, moved their mattress into the living room to be in front of the wood fireplace.  My grandparents 15 miles away did the same with their gas fireplace... my dad showed them how to fix some coffee and heat up canned food on some bricks set up in there.  They made it through it well.  Others weren't so lucky. 

Doesn't a snow go by that I don't think of that awful time.  But I love it all the same.

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  1. Ugh, I'm so glad we didn't get hit as hard in Lexington with that ice storm five years ago. I keep seeing people post on Facebook how we're expecting a gnarly winter storm next week and I'm cringing at the thought.

    On another note, that stinks about little man's rash. I hope you're able to pinpoint the cause and get it taken care of.


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