Wednesday, April 1, 2015


wearing :  capri leggings all the time.  I promise they aren't being worn as pants in public.  I purchased the ones in the photo above (lightweight, comfy and cheap!) and these (a pocket for your phone in leggings?!) at Forever21 for awesome prices.  I'm completely in love with their workout gear. 

sipping :  Blenheim ginger ale.  This is serious ginger ale.  The "mild" just about blows my head off... that good kind of burn in the back of your throat at the end.  I can't imagine how hot the "hot" really is.  I'm a little too scared to try it out.  This was something we found down here, but I can only ever find it at little farmers markets around here so I just grab one or two as a special treat on occasion. On the beer front... as soon as it reaches 70 degrees, it is acceptable weather for Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.

wish listing :  My birthday is this month so of course I made a wish list for that.  Otherwise... I dropped my phone from about 8 inches at the end of our park visit today and shattered the screen.  Thankfully it is still useable, but I am starting to look into my options for fixing it.  Waiting to hear back from a couple of companies to find out if they fix HTC screens, otherwise I will have to go the phone insurance route... which would mean a couple of days without a phone and a hefty fee to replace it.

writing :  Just the blog.  I should probably think about actually writing things in Myles' baby book again.

exploring :  My parents will be here for spring break next week, and their visits are notoriously rainy. Next week is looking like it won't be an exception.  But I have been wanting to check out The Community Tap whenever we get a break from home improvement projects (just kidding dad.  kinda).  They are next door to a favorite little local store but I have never been inside.  It looks like it sells local microbrews and wines, with tastings and events.  Something I would love to do with my parents since Kyle isn't much into any of that.  He will be working the entire time but I do hope to get a little mini-date in; thinking about trying out Rita's italian ice and custards for dessert one night.

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  1. Oh no! I shattered my phone screen a few weeks ago and it was so sad. Luckily I could get the screen replaced in the Apple store, but still... that was $100 I'd have rather spent on, say workout capris! Those are too cute. And I admit I would totally stop at the grocery store in them on my way home from the gym... Have a fun visit with your parents!


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