Monday, August 18, 2014

myles oliver : monthbymonth 9

you are getting to be impossible to photograph each month.

I'm not sorry it has taken so long to write this... I really need to start writing things down to remember what happened in which month.  Because the way I do these... the 13th of the month ends what I can write about... and I'm late... but a lot of things have happened since the 13th.  After vacation though I tried to fit in a million social events and naps were thrown off and exhaustion ensued so here we are with me awake late on a Sunday night trying to get this finished almost a week into your 9th month of life.

I drove your dad insane while we were on vacation with comments about how you had to be 20 pounds by now since you feel so gosh darn heavy lately.  Much to his delight, I was wrong.  At your 9 month checkup (no shots this time yay!) you weighed 18 pounds 14 oz and were 29 1/4 in long.  So still a little bit of a light weight and soon to outgrow your infant car seat based on height alone. 

You were really in an awkward stage this month.  Even though you are getting to be too heavy to easily carry in the infant car seat, we still love that you fit in it because you handle restaurants and shopping a lot better when you are confined to it.  While you can safely sit in a high chair or the shopping cart, with the freedom and closer proximity to your parents, you are a little more whiney wanting to be held.  

You had your first fever inducing sickness the week before vacation.  I guess I started it.  I had some drainage and felt a little off for a couple of days and then you woke up on Sunday before church feeling warm and super snotty.  We stayed home and a good thing.  You had a fever until Wednesday.  Nothing too concerning, just your first really bad cold.  The worst was the snot because I had to use the bulb so that you could breath at night but you really really hated it.  Otherwise, extra snuggles and Tylenol were your only change to the day.  You kept chasing the cats at every opportunity.

During vacation, you figured out how to pull up on things.  You have since mastered this skill and are cruising all over everything.  I really should get things off of the tables.  No more taking my eyes off of you for even a second.  You can no longer be trusted!  

You are so wiggly.  Diaper changes have to be made with musical toys for you to hold.  If you don't have one (or something equally loud to squish) then you spend the entire time trying to flip over and jump off the table.  Which is partially our fault... we let you go off the couch head first all of the time (while we hold your ankles).  You just love it so much.

one of the only pics of you guys this month since you are scared of your 
friend most of the time.
You are still sensitive to loud noises that you aren't the one making.  Eliza is a loud little thing so a lot of your play dates are spent with you in my lap, grabbing my arm, or crying.  If she (or any other kid) is quiet then you are fantastic and spend the time "sharing" and trying to grab their hands/hair/feet/faces.

my former coworker and friend stopped through 
town on her way back to TN from ATL!

You are also really clingy.  It is much harder to get things done without you freaking out.  I mostly have to do everything during your nap times now.  I used to be able to put you in a jumper and you would entertain yourself by gleefully jumping for a long while.  Now that you are able to cruise, you like the freedom and you almost always cry when I try to put you in those.  Sometimes if you can't see me then I can get away with doing something really quick but that is mostly wishful thinking.

Ever since our trip you hate being in the car.  I don't know if it is really because you had enough of the car, I have had you way too much on the go, or if it is purely because you are teething.  On top.  You would be weird and get top teeth before bottoms like normal people.  Either way; you whine all the time in the car now.  Unless you are jabbering (only bahbahbah, you flat out refuse to say dada.. in fact you almost always blow raspberries when we try to get you to) or you are making your sweet singsongy soprano noises.  You make those noises on your own, in response to us making them, in response to your dad whistling, and in response to whistling on the radio.  

You are so awesome.  Even when you are driving me insane!

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  1. Ha, we're getting into a bit more of the "driving me insane" business too - diaper changes and monthly photos getting difficult around here too! - but they're still so fun aren't they? Can't believe how much he's cruising around... none of that here yet but I can't say I mind TOO much ;-) And I just love Myles' hairdo - adorable.


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