Wednesday, April 9, 2014

a few must haves

Babies need a lot of stuff.  I have tried to be selective in some things (there's a lot of human history and this stuff hasn't always been we really NEED it?) mostly because we are very limited on space and even more limited on storage space.  A few things I registered for... a few were 'learn as we go'... and a few were just given to us.  Nonetheless, the above items are things that have been invaluable.  

Of course there are the obvious things... pacis, bottles, stroller, car seat, clothes...  those aren't on this.  There are too many brands and babies are just way too different.  

These are the things I would recommend to ANYONE... because Myles loves them and so they have been mighty handy.

1.  Halo Sleepsacks.  We started out using the Summer Infant swaddle me... they were ok... but if I could go back... I would just start with this.  After a week, Myles was wiggling his arms out so they were pointless... Halo makes these with an optional swaddle that you can tuck their arms into or just fasten under their arms if they don't let you swaddle them.  We make do with 2 of these for whatever size he is in... baby laundry happens constantly so one of them is pretty much always clean useable.  I might try my hand at making them now that I have a sewing machine.  I have tried getting him to sleep without them since he has some really warm pajamas, but he can tell that he isn't wearing it.  

2.  the play gym.  An item that we did not register for but use all the time.  We have done tummy time on it using the little pillow that comes with it under his arms.  He has napped on it a few times.  It is a safe place to lay him for a few minutes if we need to set him down.  Now that he is older, he can reach all of the toys and we hang a few extras on it for him.  He LOVES this thing.  The little toys come off and go with us around the house and in the diaper bag instead of packing larger toys.

3.  Bright Starts lots o links.  I knew I wanted this.  We finally picked up the big pack of them for about $5 over a month ago.  We hang these on EVERYTHING.  He loves holding onto them in his stroller, reaching for them on the play gym, in his bouncy seat, gumming on them as teether rings.  They hold toys to the side of his crib and to his car seat when we are out and about.  So very handy.

4.  bibs.  Ok.  I know these are a pretty "duh" item.  I have to put them on here though.  You can't have enough of these.  SERIOUSLY.  These and burp cloths are the main reason we have to do baby laundry almost every day.  Myles spits up.  A LOT.  To try to minimize outfit changes, bibs are a major must.

5.  sensory toys.  We have the Zebra, Elephant, and Mortimer the Moose.  Zebra is his favorite... it was the first toy that he ever reached for.  Zebra travels with us.  The elephant is his crib companion, and the moose stays attached to the play gym.  These things are great... several toys in one.  Teethers, rattles, textures... these things have it all.

6.  the bouncy seat.  This one bounces itself and plays music.  For the first couple months, this was what I put Myles in while I showered... half the time he fell asleep in it while I got ready.  Strap him in and move him room to room.  Now he isn't too much a fan of being strapped in but sometimes I can get away with it when I attach toys to it and do interesting things to distract him... like landscaping.  I know he is safe and comfortable in it when I just need to set him down and know he isn't going to go rolling into something.

7.  books.  Specifically ones that rhyme.  Dr. Seuss books are pretty great... Myles loves the rhythm you get while reading One Fish Two Fish, The Cat in the Hat, and Green Eggs n Ham.  Not only does a good book like these calm him down, but he likes to "read" along in his babble even at this young an age.  I don't feel quite so silly reading to someone so small.  He may not understand anything I am saying but it is definitely a bonding time.

There are more things that we use a lot but these are what we really NEEDED for the past 4 months.  In a bare minimum kind of way.  What about you?


  1. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays. I'd forgotten how cute newborn stuff can be:-)

  2. Pretty much I agree with this whole list... we've been rotating 2 of the sleep sacks in the current size since he was born too, and I just had to buy a cotton one since fleece weather is ending. And we have that very play gym - I was so going to be a mom who didn't acquire tons of baby gear, but I'm ending up with more and more. And he REALLY loves the play gym, so I guess it's worth it! Also the little lion toy from it lives attached to his car seat, and it's pretty much his favorite thing ever to chew on.


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